Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, Inspired by the 2022 Better Reading Top 100

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, Inspired by the 2022 Better Reading Top 100

Looking for a last-minute gift for mum this Mother’s Day? Our 2022 Top 100 is jam-packed with reads she’ll love. Here’s a list of six fabulous Top 100 books that would make the perfect Mother’s Day present.

The Godmothers by Monica McInerney

Monica McInerney’s The Godmothers has made its way into our Top 5 books this year, a remarkable achievement from a beloved Australian author. The Godmothers is a moving and perceptive story about love, lies, hope and sorrow, about the families we are born into and the families we make for ourselves.

Buy a copy of The Godmothers here.

Devotion by Hannah Kent

Hannah Kent, the bestselling author of Burial Rites, released Devotion late in 2021, and it was an instant hit. It’s a gripping historical narrative that moves from 19th Century Prussia to South Australia.

Buy a copy of Devotion here.

Still Life by Sarah Winman

Another popular book amongst the BR community, Still Life swept readers away to the rolling hills in Tuscany. It’s a big-hearted story of people brought together by love, war, art and the ghost of E.M. Forster.

Buy a copy of Still Life here.

Magpie’s Bend by Maya Linnell

If your mum is a fan of rural romances, then you can’t go past Magpie’s Bend by Maya Linnell. Featuring a black-tie ball, a fun run, a magpie called Vegemite and a snake-chasing kelpie called Basil, Magpie’s Bend is a story about rural lives, family, love and letting go.

Buy a copy of Magpie’s Bend here.

The Dressmakers of Yarrandarrah Prison by Meredith Jaffe

Meredith Jaffe’s latest novel was another firm favourite of 2021. It’s a poignantly comic story about a men’s prison sewing circle. Can a wedding dress save a bunch of hardened crims?

Buy a copy of The Dressmakers of Yarrandarrah Prison here.

Spring Clean for the Peach Queen by Sasha Wasley

For fans of heart-warming and inspiring fiction, Sasha Wasley’s Spring Clean for the Peach Queen is a great pick. It’s a deeply moving story about forgiving, forgetting and falling in love with life again.

Buy a copy of Spring Clean for the Peach Queen here.


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