Princesses With Attitude: Seven Great Kids’ Stories About Determined, Resourceful (and Naughty) Princesses

Princesses With Attitude: Seven Great Kids’ Stories About Determined, Resourceful (and Naughty) Princesses

As all of us who’ve found ourselves glued to the latest coverage of ‘Kate and Wills’ and ‘our Mary’ know, there’s something eternally fascinating about princesses. And especially so for many little girls.

If your child prefers princesses with attitude, or if you’d like to mix a few different ‘messages’ in with all the romance and pretty dresses, seek out these stories. (Click on the titles or cover images below for more information about each book.)

Princess Daisy and the Dragon and the Nincompoop KnightsA princess who shows the knights how it’s done: Princess Daisy and the Dragon and the Nincompoop Knights

Princess Daisy wears a girly dress and curtseys and dances, but when a dragon threatens the kingdom, she also steps in and solves the problem, when Sir Musclebound, Sir Daring-do and Sir Brainbox can’t …

A princess who ‘trades in’ her prince: The Worst Princess

The princess in this hilarious rhyming story finds her prince doesn’t live up to expectations, and trades him in for a dragon.

A very resourceful princess: The Paper Bag Princess

the-paperbag-princessWhen a dragon destroys her castle and kidnaps her prince, Princess Elizabeth dresses in a paper bag and sets out to find her prince!

A princess who’s determined not to get married: Princess Smartypants

Princess Smartypants sets her suitors all sorts of challenging tasks to get rid of them. When one suitor actually succeeds, she turns him into a toad with a magic kiss! Babette Cole’s known for her subversive picture books and the wacky details in the illustrations in this one keep things from getting too earnest. There are also two sequels available.

A really horrid princess who learns what’s most precious in life: The Princess and the Presents

Princess and the PresentsPrincess Ruby is terribly pampered and quite a little tyrant. On her birthday, she demands so many presents that the palace is literally groaning under the weight of them all. Luckily, when the whole thing collapses and she realises she’s overlooked the most precious thing – family – there’s still time to make amends!

Three princesses who try ‘a real day’s work’: Princesses are Not Quitters

These three princesses are bored of their lives of luxury and decide to swap jobs with their servants for a day. Polishing, scrubbing, washing the dogs, making butter and shearing sheep are exhausting tasks (especially in high heels and higher hair dos)! But they’re proud of their accomplishments – and establish some new rules in the kingdom. Check the library for this one, as it’s not currently available in bookshops. The same princesses feature in two sequels.

Princesses with ninja skills and magic jewels: Rescue Princesses: Animals in Danger

If your child is ready to move from picture books to illustrated ‘chapter books’, try the Rescue Princesses series. Each story features an exotic location and an animal in peril…

We’d love to hear YOUR recommendations – which princess stories do your family love? Please tell us in comments, below.

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