Rhyming Read-Alouds to Share

Rhyming Read-Alouds to Share

Rhyming stories are so much fun to share with kids!

We love reading them aloud and placing emphasis on the rhyming words, or pausing dramatically just before each rhyme to allow the child to ‘predict’ what the word will be …

All the better when the text also has a good rhythm – kids love to jiggle and tap along!

And there are good academic reasons for reading rhymes with kids, too. It helps them develop phonological awareness – they can focus on the sounds of speech as well as the meaning. And it also helps them recognise phonetic constituents of words – like the ‘ight’ in might, light and sight – which supports both reading and spelling.

There are several studies which show that knowledge of rhyme helps children progress in reading. The Bookstart website has an interesting article on this subject, here.

Of course, the best rhyming books also tell a good story!

We recently wrote about Dr Seuss’ rhyming stories.  And below are some other favourites, from books for the very young (10 Little Fingers … , I Went Walking) to more complex stories (Giraffes Can’t Dance, and the hugely appealing new Pig the Fibber – which we love even more than the original Pig the Pug). Click on the covers to find out more about each book.

Be warned: some of these rhymes, notably the hilarious and addictive Wonky Donkey, are liable to get stuck in your head for days!

Which books would you add to the list? Please tell us in comments below. And if you like this story, please consider sharing it using the social buttons.


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  1. Carly says:

    For the very young:
    ‘Moo’ and ‘Purr’ by Alison Lester
    For toddlers:
    ‘Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site’ by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld

  2. susan keysell says:

    We’re Going on a Bear Hunt , all Cocky’s Circle little books, A Classic Treasury of Nursery Songs & Rhymes are only some ideas