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The Books UK Teachers Most Recommend for Primary Readers

Recently the Times Educational Supplement and National Association for the Teaching of English surveyed teachers in the UK to find their top fiction books for children.

We’ve listed their Top 12 below (including a tie for #12), and you can view all 100 books from the list on the TES site here.

Some of these titles don’t resonate with Australian readers in the same way they do with British kids (Stig of the Dump, The Iron Man), but there are some wonderful classics here, which we’d be happy to give to any child. For young Australian readers, though, we’d want to add in books by local creators that reflect our culture and experiences in ‘our’ voice. We’d also like a few more by authors from the United States, Canada and Asia and our local region.

What do you think? Which books should be on this list? Please tell us in comments below.


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