The Magic of Reading: July Highlights at Better Reading Kids

The Magic of Reading: July Highlights at Better Reading Kids

With normal living circumstances everchanging, there’s never been a better time to relish in the world of reading; an activity that gives you somewhere to go when you have to stay put.

Here are the top titles on our reading list in July:

Are You There, Buddha? by Pip Harry

Bridget ‘Bee’ Ballentine is 12 and starting her first year of high school. She hasn’t found her tribe at school yet, but she’ll always have her BFF Leon. Over one blistering summer, Bee will grow up, show up, and make a name for herself.

Ages 11+

Something I Said by Ben Bailey Smith

For Carmichael Taylor, life is one big joke—in a good way. With the promise of fame and fortune comes trouble, and it’s up to Car to decide what or who he’s willing to risk to chase his comedy dream.

Ages 10+

Pizazz #3: Pizazz vs Perfecto by Sophy Henn

Even though Pizazz is saving the world ALL THE TIME, there are still LOADS of bad guys about. Like super baddie Perfecto! She’s younger than Pizazz, and just … well, perfect! But Pizazz has a plan. Maybe she just needs to be perfect too—even more perfect than Perfecto. Easy-peasy, right?!

Ages 7+

Fart and Burp are Superstinkers by Zoë Foster Blake and Adam Nickel

What could be better than a Fart with a heart? A Super Fart of course! Together with his new friend Burp, they’re off on an adventure to use their bad pongs for good! Move over Superman and Wonder Woman, here come the Superstinkers!

Ages 3+

The Travelling Bookshop #1: Mim and the Baffling Bully by Katrina Nannestad and Cheryl Orsini

Mim Cohen roams the world in a travelling bookshop with her eccentric and loving family on a horse called Flossy. When the family arrives in a pretty Dutch village, they know they need to help Williemina, a kind and gentle child, who is being bullied by a girl named Gerda.

Ages 7+

The Story of Australia by Don Watson

The Story of Australia weaves together the many strands of our nation’s past—ancient and indigenous, colonial and contemporary—to create a fascinating history for all readers, young and old.

MerTales #1: The Best Friend Promise by Rebecca Timmis

Today is Pearl’s ninth birthday, and she is planning a sea-sational day with her best friends. But when Pearl takes a shortcut on the way to merschool and sees a shooting star fall into the ocean, things begin to drift off course…

Ages 6+

Tiger Warrior #1: Attack of the Dragon King by M. Chan

When Jack’s grandpa gives him a magical jade coin, Jack finds himself caught in an ancient battle between good and evil. For he is the new Tiger Warrior, and it’s up to him to save the world!

Ages 5+

Rainfish by Andrew Patterson

Aaron is sick of being left out of all the interesting stuff the older kids get up to in their small town. So when he meets Damon he’s keen to impress him. But when Damon suggests they break into a church, Aaron is nervous and uncomfortable, but he’s only just beginning to be accepted.

Ages 10+

Enough Love? by Maggie Hutchings and Evie Barrow

When Willa’s parents split up, she’s pretty sad. But at least they are still all hers. Until Dad meets Kevin and Willa’s family starts to grow … and keeps on growing. When will enough be enough? Or is there always room for more love?

Ages 3+



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