The Newbies: Better Reading Top 100

The Newbies:  Better Reading Top 100

Every year, as the votes come in from book lovers across the country, we’re always curious to see which new releases have resonated with our community enough to make it into the Top 100.

This year there we weren’t disappointed, with some of our favourite thrillers and love stories making their debut high on the list. It was a great year for some of Australia’s most beloved crime and thriller writers, with the new offerings from David Baldacci, Caroline Overington, Michael Connelly and Michael Robotham making their way onto the Top 100.

We were particularly delighted to see some of Better Reading’s favourite thrillers of the year such as The Girl Before, The Party and Sara Foster’s The Hidden Hours gaining enough votes to clear the mark!

Another Better Reading favourite, Monica McInerney has demonstrated that she is only going from strength to strength – with her twelfth novel, The Trip Of a Lifetime clearly beloved by voters.

Are there favourite reads from 2017 that you think should have made the Top 100? Make sure to share them in the comments!


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