Time to Sleep: Twelve Favourite Picture Books about Bedtime

Time to Sleep: Twelve Favourite Picture Books about Bedtime

time-for-bedSnuggling down and reading a story together at bedtime is one of the best parts of the day!

We’ve written before about how bedtime reading can set children up for a lifetime of good habits; as well as what happens to  kids’ brains when they listen to a story and how re-reading a favourite book, before sleep, can help preschoolers learn more words .

All the better if the book itself is about bedtime, with a soothing end which encourages kids to settle down and drift off!

Below you’ll find a dozen of our favourite bedtime-themed picture books, from a humorous tale about a little girl trying to put her resisting Daddy to bed (Time for Bed, Daddy), to a story about an overtired little one having an end-of-the-day meltdown (Lullaby for Little One), a horsey hero who needs some comfort on stormy nights (Noni the Pony), and a journey which ends with a satisfying snuggle and sleep (This & That).

Click on the covers below for more information about each book.

What are your family’s favourite books about bedtime? We’d love to hear from you in comments, below.

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