Titles to read over the summer to your new little pre-school or kindy goer

Titles to read over the summer to your new little pre-school or kindy goer

Whether your little one is heading to preschool or big school next year, it can be an incredibly exciting time for the whole family. We have selected a handful of titles which will go some way to preparing your little school goer for what’s to come! 


All are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman. This adorable little book is relevant to a pre-schooler or a new kindergartener, learning about cultural inclusivity and friendship. Heading to school will be a time of mind-blowing overwhelm for lots of children as they embark on learning about the differences between us and how we all live in unique ways. This is a beautiful book about embracing those differences.

Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes by Eric Litwin, illustrated by James Dean. Cool dude Pete adventures through the school library, lunch room and playground singing his tunes and enjoying his school days. A beautiful way to touch on the lay-out of schools in a cheerful light to your new school goer.


I’m Ready for Pre-school and I’m Ready for Christmas by Jedda Robaard. These beautiful board books capture the festivity of the Australian summer, while preparing your little person for upcoming events such as pre-school and Christmas!


Bluey: Fruit Bat. The fabulous Bluey ABC series will soon be published into a series of board books which your little pre-schooler will adore. Fruit Bat is about Bluey not wanting to go to sleep and staying up all night like a nocturnal fruit bat, a great way of teaching your little one about the importance of routine and sleep.

What’s in My Lunchbox by Peter Canavas, is not a typical lunch box contents story. It’s about a little girl who brings treats in to school to try and win friends, but then realises she doesn’t need to buy their affection as she discovers her own value.

Flight School by Lita Judge is a beautiful way of talking to your little one about bravery and chasing new things you want to try. This story is about a little penguin who enrols in flight school, even though technically he is a flightless bird.



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