Too Much Choice: October Highlights

Too Much Choice: October Highlights

As we head towards the end of 2019 there are books galore hitting the shelves but where to start? We’ve decided to help you out by putting together our October highlights. We’ve read all of these from cover to cover and enjoyed every minute of it. You’ll find something for all ages and stages and a host of stunning picture books that you’ll want to keep for yourself. Enjoy!

En Pointe by Chloe Bayliss

Why we love it: This is a gripping and eye-opening tale, yet it’s also inspiring. It’s about adapting, it’s about pushing yourself to achieve your dreams and sometimes having to face the fact that you can’t control what life has in store for you despite hard work, careful planning and overwhelming passion.

What it’s about: Chloe is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary passion, a passion for dance. On the journey to becoming a professional dancer many things have been sacrificed but dedication has driven her to continue to reach for new heights. When she is dealt an unexpected blow and finds herself struggling for her life, she has to draw on all her reserves to achieve her dreams.

The Australia Survival Guide by George Ivanoff

Why we love it: This is a highly engaging read filled with fun facts like Australia’s top 10 deadliest snakes, Australia’s top 4 mosquito-borne diseases and Australia’s top 4 cute but deadly dangerous animals. Humour is used to great effect throughout, making this important information entertaining and accessible. You can tell that author George Ivanoff had more than a little fun writing this book!

What it’s about: The Australia Survival Guide aims to bring locals and visitors important information, interesting stories and strategies to avoid danger while in Australia delivering the facts with humour and some practical tips. Covering things to be aware of on land, in the water, in the environment and everything else – such as slang used, important Australian inventions and much more. This book definitely has you covered!

Madame Badobedah by Sophie Dahl, illustrated by Lauren O’Hara 

Why we love it: This story is full of adventure and mystery but also an uplifting tale about people taking the time to get to know one another and friendship across the generations. It’s also accompanied by stunning whimsical illustrations of English seaside towns, along with seagulls, ships and nautical paraphernalia.

What it’s about: When a mysterious guest called Madame Badobedah sweeps into the foyer of the Mermaid Hotel and insistently rings the bell, Mabel can only conclude that this awful stranger is a villain. She closely observes this mysterious new guest until one day Mabel is invited into her room and her secrets are revealed – is she a super villain, a mastermind criminal or will Mabel discover someone completely unexpected?

A Tale of Magic by Chris Colfer 

Why we love it: This is a beautifully written and fast paced story that also challenges young minds. It’s easy to see why Colfer’s books are bestsellers and we think this one is destined to be a big hit too!

What it’s about: Brystal Evergreen lives in the oppressive Southern Kingdom where she is forbidden to read books. When she discovers a banned book that reveals her hidden magical powers she finds herself in extreme danger. That is until Madame Weatherberry whisks her away to the Academy of Magic but will she be safe anywhere in a world that despises magic?

The Tiny Star by Mem Fox & Freya Blackwood 

Why we love it: The Tiny Star was written and illustrated by children’s book legends and created to explain the cycle of life to young children. A moving and visually stunning picture book that will undoubtedly be around for as long as Possum Magic.

What it’s about: When a baby falls to earth it is embraced by parents, family and the community it lives in, it’s wrapped in a swaddling cloth covered in stars and everyone thinks the baby is beautiful and it is. But the baby is constantly changing and growing into a child, an adult and parent, a grandparent and beyond.

Pea + Nut by Matt Stanton

Why we love it: Pea + Nut will bring you and your little reader a lot of laughs and the chance to have a chat about different personality types and unlikely friendships. There’s also the opportunity to do a bit of role play as the theatricality of the two characters lends itself to it.

What it’s about: Pea and Nut are best friends but it’s a case of opposites attract. Pea is a panda who likes her own space, Nut on the other hand is a flamingo who is in your face. The first in a new rhyming series, little readers are going to have a lot of fun reading about this challenging friendship!

I’m Ready for Christmas and I’m Ready for Preschool by Jedda Robaard

Why we love it: These fun, relatable books help explain the world to our little readers familiarising them with new situations or explaining traditions. The simplicity of the sentences and eye-catching illustrations make them accessible and highly appealing.

What it’s about: The I’m Ready series of board books for the 3-4 years age group, celebrates the exciting milestones and events in your child’s life with exquisite illustrations and a distinctly Australian flavour.

The Taylor Turbochaser by David Baddiel

Why we love it: David Baddiel always delivers a funny, engaging, and in this case heart-warming adventure for those who need lots of action in their books. Young readers will be hooked. Don’t try and talk to them about anything important until the last page has been turned.

What it’s about: Amy loves cars, despite being in a car accident when she was 8 and needing a wheelchair, she is obsessed with fast cars. When she updates her wheelchair for a top of the line motorised version, she’s disappointed to discover it doesn’t live up to expectations. However best friend and inventor Rahul has plans to transform it into a real racing car!

A Trip to the Beach by Gwyn Perkins

Why we love it: The illustrations are exquisite and little readers will love exploring the beach with Iggy and grandad, reminded of the times that they have visited. For parents it’s a chance to slow down and reflect on the simple pleasures found on a visit to the beach.

What it’s about: A Trip to the Beach is the last instalment in the beloved and award-winning Iggy and Grandad series by Gwyn Perkins. There’s beachcombing, sandcastles and seaweed followed by the mandatory fish and chips for lunch and the excitement of catching a wave.



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