Top 10 Must-Reads this Australia Day Weekend

Top 10 Must-Reads this Australia Day Weekend

As 2016 starts to pick up speed, Australia Day offers us one last relaxing respite – like catching the end of the rays of sun at the beach at 6pm, or making the last delicious sandwich from The Ham.

Deciding how to enjoy this last morsel of summer can be hard. Never fear though, if backyard cricket and tinnies of VB aren’t your thing, we’ve got you covered with our Top 10 Must Reads – great reads by Australian authors drawn from The Top 100 list our readers voted for in September. This selection of great Australian reads is perfect for you to sit back and enjoy this Australia Day Weekend.


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  1. Chloe Hughes says:

    Ellie Marney’s Every Trilogy should be added!
    1 Every Breath
    2 Every Move
    3 Every Move