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A Memoir with a Powerful Message: Review of En Pointe

September 30, 2019

“Have you ever wanted something so much that you can’t imagine your life without it? For me, that’s dance.”

Chloe Bayliss is a storyteller, but she hasn’t always been a writer of stories. Well versed in storytelling through performance as a dancer and actor, this is her first book. The reason she has written her story now is to share the extremely challenging hurdles she has overcome in her life to become who she is today, hopefully inspiring others in the process.

Chloe is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary passion, a passion for dance. Starting when she was three years old, Chloe was in training to become a professional ballerina. Along the way there were many things that had to be sacrificed, time with friends and family, holidays and weekends away but her passion gave her a single focus and that was what drove her to push her body and mind to extreme lengths.

It was clear that she had the ability and commitment to be a professional dancer and at 16 years old, finally her time was coming. She had completed a gruelling round of auditions in the US and secured herself a spot in a Washington dance school. She had almost completed her diploma and was in rehearsals for the performance of a lifetime with dancers from the Australian Ballet when the plan started to unravel.

First there were aches and pains, then there was the overwhelming tiredness and headaches and soon after she found herself in the hospital emergency room and no one could tell her what was wrong. And so began Chloe’s struggle for survival.

Spending days in hospital where Chloe’s life is suspended in time, not knowing what is wrong with her and when or if things will start to turn around, she was encouraged by her doctors and mother, to write. Chloe began to keep a journal and spent hours writing about her experience, how she was feeling and what her days consisted of. She has drawn on these while writing her story.

This is a gripping and eye-opening tale, yet it’s also heart-warming and inspiring. It’s about adapting, it’s about pushing yourself to achieve your dreams and sometimes having to face the fact that you can’t control what life has in store for you despite hard work and careful planning and overwhelming passion. The resounding message is that the most important thing is to have wonderful support around you and to always keep hope.

Written for young adults, Chloe is an inspiration in not only her achievements but what she has overcome to get there. The book will have teens thinking about what is important in their lives and who they would be there for or could rely on in times of trouble. It’s very readable, Chloe has a wonderfully accessible and engaging style – you may find your teen with their nose in this book until they reach the last page. She’s also the kind of author that they’ll be interested in hearing from again so keep an eye out for events. For teachers there are also notes available via publisher Pantera Press.

Purchase a copy of EnPointe | Read an extract | Read more from author Chloe Bayliss

Helpmann Award nominee and finalist in the prestigious 2016 Heath Ledger Scholarship, Chloe Bayliss is one of Australia’s finest emerging actresses. She has numerous credits across stage and screen, including her role in the TV Week Logie Award nominated drama Doctor Doctor which is now filming its fourth season and will air on Nine later this year.

Chloe has an extensive background in dance and choreography, having graduated from the National College of Dance with a Diploma of Dance and Performance. Her life as a dancer has taken her all over America and she now extends her knowledge to students and performers throughout Australia by running workshops, teaching and judging dance scholarships.

Chloe hopes to spark conversation around a number of matters she is passionate about, using her own story of overcoming hardship to inspire and bring awareness to others.


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