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Big changes call for ACTION: Read an extract from The Peacock Detectives by Carly Nugent

June 5, 2018

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Eleven-year-old Cassie Anderson, is writing a book for her Dad as a Christmas gift. Observant and diligent, she has been advised to start with an excitingincident and write about what she knows.

That’s where the peacocks come in. Her neighbours, Mr and Mrs Hudson, have lost their two peacocks (William Shakespeare and Virginia) again. ‘The Peacock Detective’ aka Cassie, found them last time and she is once more on the case.

Whenever there is a new clue, she jots it down in her notebook, collecting all manner of details in the hope they will lead her to the peacocks’ hideout and make for a good story. However, all this observation and note-taking leads her to discover quite a few unexpected things about her family. 

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Carly Nugent lives in Bright in Victoria. Her short fiction has featured in numerous publications, including the Bellevue Literary Review and Award Winning Australian Writing. The Peacock Detectives is her first novel.


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