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Book of the Week: The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles

January 31, 2017

the-edge-of-everythingWhy we love it:  Jeff Giles has created a unique blend of dark fantasy and romance in a compelling YA tale that will leave you craving more.

Zoe has had a tough year. Her father died in a caving accident and the police refuse to retrieve his body, not to mention that her elderly neighbours, who were like grandparents to her, were murdered in their home by an unknown assailant. However, difficult as all this has been for Zoe, it’s been even worse for her younger brother, Jonah. So when Jonah disappears during a blizzard playing with their new adopted dogs, Zoe panics. Rushing into the snow to save him, she risks her life to get him to the safety of  her elderly neighbour’s now abandoned house. But their safety is fleeting. Soon, she and Jonah find themselves face to face with the madman who killed their beloved neighbours, and there’s no telling what he’ll do to them.

When all hope is lost, Zoe and Jonah are saved by a mysterious young man who can turn a frozen lake into fire. He has supernatural speed and strength, and an equally unnaturally handsome jawline.  X is from the Lowlands, or what humans might call hell. He’s a bounty hunter, tasked with capturing souls who escape human justice. X is not supposed to allow people to see him do his dirty work, but there’s something about Zoe that makes him break all the rules, including showing mercy to the murderer he has been sent after. The punishment for failing to capture his target might keep X from Zoe forever, if it doesn’t get them killed first…

The Edge of Everything is a book definitely recommended for ages 16+. It is super dark and somewhat scary at times, but with its funny dialogue and loveable characters, you’ll be hooked from page one. Be prepared, Jeff Giles will show you a different take on ‘hell’, and engross you in a fascinating fantasy world that has not been seen before, and you will meet some dangerous personalities! Bounty Hunters, Guards, All-Mighty-And-Powerful Lords, Souls and Prisoners, each with their own amusing traits and quirks, dominate the Lowlands. So while it’s slightly scary, it’s in a good way!

The Edge of Everything is brimming with memorable characters. Zoe is your typical snarky teen and readers will easily relate to her quick wit and references because she’s incredibly realistic, as is her younger brother Jonah. With his endless questions, his innocent ramblings and imagination, he will remind you of every eight-year-old boy, and like Zoe and X, you will feel drawn to protect him. Zoe’s mum is the right balance between cool, motherly and a complete hippy. You will become part of the family, and maybe even agree with Zoe about mocking her mother’s taste in tofu.

And then there’s X. This strange young man who talks as if he’s 300 years old, will stay with you long after you finish this extraordinary book. Jeff Giles takes the concept of ‘Knight in Shining Armour’ and turns it on his head and you fall in love (like Zoe) with his dreadlocked hair, old ways and selflessness.

This book pops off the page with its brilliant characters, edge-of-your-seat plot, and easy-to-visualize settings. Travel to Montana and dive into the bitter cold, murder, scary forests, and dangerous caves. Gingerly step into the dark Lowlands to experience hell and the characters who reside there. Watch Zoe and X find love in a world that desperately tries to keep them apart – and then wait desperately for the sequel! 

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Learn more about Zoe and X below…EOE_charactercard_Zoe_Rev2-min









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