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Enter At Your Own Risk: Quark’s Academy by Catherine Pelosi

January 31, 2018

quark-s-academy“No pets, parents, soft toys, snacks or electronic devices allowed.


When junior scientific geniuses, Augustine, Celeste and Oscar are invited to attend the secretive and exclusive summer camp run by the mysterious Inventor Quark, they are over the moon. They will each be spending an entire week being exposed to cutting edge science, and developing their next great invention – potentially winning an “undisclosed” sum of money.

On arrival, the camp is as thrilling as the trio had anticipated – DNA extractions, escaped animals and archnemeses ensure that there isn’t a quiet moment. But certain things at the academy don’t add up, and our three intrepid inventors realise they will have to put aside their differences, join forces and solve the greatest conundrum they have ever encountered.

Pelosi has written a delightful and engaging novel, in which each of the three children have their own personal struggles to navigate whether they be fears, insecurities or self-doubts. The young science geniuses each represent different fields of scientific enquiry – Augustine is trying to save the planet, Celeste is the bold theoretical whiz, and Oscar reminds us all that experiments and science can be great fun, and that without enjoyment we are often not encouraged to explore further. All three have a passion for discovery that will no doubt inspire other young scientists.

Catherine Pelosi was Inspired to write Quark’s Academy after an astronomy course at the Sydney Observatory, taught by a ‘charismatic, enthusiastic and clever professor called Paul Payne.’ Pelosi found the novel slowly coming together in her mind over the duration of the course. The world of science had captured her imagination, and she wanted to do the same for young readers.

Jam-packed with gene splicing, complex chemical concoctions, and time travel, Quark’s Academy is the perfect read for any curious mind wanting to explore the exciting places that science can take them. (Ages 9+)

About the Author

Catherine Pelosi is a Sydney-based children’s book author. When she was younger, she loved two things in equal measure: animals and writing stories. For a long time she wanted to be a zoologist. Catherine has had several jobs working with animals, including in wildlife rescue, as a dinosaur tour guide and marketing for an animal shelter in London, but her love of writing never went away. These days, she writes as often as she can. Catherine hasn’t lost her love of animals, however, and you will often find one or two roaming through her stories. Quark’s Academy is Catherine’s first novel; Something For Fleur is her first picture book.

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