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Mad About Max: Review of Funny Kid: Get Licked by Matt Stanton

November 20, 2018

Last we heard from Max he was in a prank war but this time it’s an animal war – rescuing puppies, fundraising for endangered animals, creating vegan cafes and with more hilarious escapades bursting out of the fourth instalment in the Funny Kid series, they just keep getting more entertaining!

Max Walburt aka Funny Kid has been thrown in the deep end by his friends, twins Pip and Tyson. The story starts with an early morning secret gathering in their bathroom to discuss what they are going to do with the five puppies that Pip rescued from an abandoned cardboard box in a back alley. Who is going to scoop up the very cute and mischievous puppy that has found his way into the toilet?

This is just the start of the drama, not only do they have to smuggle the puppies out from under the nose of George Khan – the twins’ very stylish father – who is conducting a photo shoot in the lounge room of their house, but they also have to put them somewhere when they get to school!

That’s not the only problem, as Max rapidly realises he hasn’t prepared for an assignment due on endangered animals. Rising to the challenge he launches into a campaign (a very hastily thought-up one) to fundraise for endangered pandas and it looks like everyone is going to be working hard to ensure that Max will run the best fundraising campaign in school.

When he decides that dressing up friend Hugo in a panda suit and setting the puppies on him (to highlight the plight of pandas at the hands of ‘merciless hunters’) his plan starts to go terribly wrong.

Can Max turn things around and make more money for the pandas than nemesis Abby who has created a vegan café? Can he pull off the ultimate day of fun and most of all, can he keep his friends on side despite his huge demands?

This book is a lot of fun to read and the highly entertaining illustrations are the perfect way to draw kids in. Filled with characters such as canteen lady Doris, studious Abby, clueless Hugo and George Khan along with Max and his friends, Funny Kid: Get Licked delivers the laughs.

Matt Stanton is the author and illustrator of this best-selling kids’ series and Funny Kid has been compared to Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and Weirdo, so if your 8+ reader enjoys these then you know what they should read next.

Author Matt Stanton is a very busy guy and if kids like the series then he also has a YouTube channel they can take a look at where he does things like drawing, launching books from a drone and much more.

Importantly Funny Kid: Get Licked also manages to cover a few bigger issues like endangered animals, fund raising, friendships and loyalty.

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Matt Stanton is a bestselling children’s author and illustrator, with more than half a million books sold. He is the co-creator of several bestselling picture books, including the mega-hits There Is a Monster Under My Bed Who Farts, and This Is a Ball. He launched his much-anticipated middle-grade series, Funny Kid, around the world in 2017. The first book in the series, Funny Kid for President, debuted as the #1 Australian kids’ book, and Funny Kid is fast winning legions of fans around the world. He lives in Sydney with his wife, bestselling picture book creator Beck Stanton, and their three young children.


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