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Questions About Kids Books?

June 19, 2015

As part of Better Reading Kids Week, we’re giving you the opportunity to ask our resident Children’s Expert, Liz Bray, your questions about selecting the right book for your child. Do you struggle to find age-appropriate books for your children or wonder how to make the right selections for your child? If so, Liz may be able to help.

Liz has worked extensively in book publishing and was Director of Children’s and Young Adult books for a major Australian publisher.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about helping your child to read, please post them in the comments below from Monday 22nd June until Tuesday 23 June or go to the relevant post on our Facebook page.

We’ll publish the most popular questions, with answers from Liz, at the end of the week.




  1. Cheryl Dawes

    I am grandmother of a 2 year old girl and 18 month old, I’m always scouring the book shops/internet for age appropriate books. Being an avid reader since I can’t remember when. I’m always looking for books so I can encourage the love of reading in them. I always put two books in birthday or Christmas gifts but find it difficult to find the best ones for them. I am wondering if can suggest websites/book shops when they have a list of the top books for my grand kids age group.

    1. Better Reading Post author

      Hi Cheryl,
      We’ve responded to your question by email, so we can find out a little more about where you live or shop. We’d like to suggest a bookshop in your local area, if we can.

  2. narelle

    HI LIZ, I HAVE A 11year old daughter, who is a reluctant reader, she has struggled with it all of primary school. So you have and suggestions to motivate her and any book suggest ions?? Thankyou

    1. Better Reading Post author

      Hi Narelle,
      We’ve just posted an article on our website about motivating kids to read, which might be of interest. You can find it here.
      We’ve also emailed you direct to ask you a little more about your daughter’s specific interests, to help us come up with the most suitable recommendations for her.

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