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The magic of pop-ups, universally appealing doggy picture books and some swashbuckling pirate stories

September 25, 2015

Our Kids’ team regularly curate lists of great books on popular themes.

We love novelty books and especially pop-ups, which give us a special twinge of nostalgia for our own childhoods and a tingle of wonder at how flat paper can become a magical, 3-D structure with the addition of a few folds and cuts. Recently we reviewed seven of the best pop-up books.

Many kids are fascinated by dogs from a very early age, whether they simply watch the neighbourhood dogs play in the street or park or have their own canine best friend at home. You can read our reviews of ten favourite doggy picture books for little ones here.

And to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day recently, we pulled together a list of five favourite swashbuckling pirate stories. Which pirate books does your child love?

To view these lists, please follow the direct links above, or head to our ‘Book Lists’ page to browse our many other lists for both kids and adults.




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