Your Preview Verdict: A Sprinkle of Sadie by Lana Spasevski, illustrated by Joanie Stone

Your Preview Verdict: A Sprinkle of Sadie by Lana Spasevski, illustrated by Joanie Stone

Say hello to Sadie … a superstar baker with a big heart!

In this book, Sadie needs to:
– throw a surprise birthday for her mum.
– help out at the Cookgrove fundraising day.
– welcome someone new to her class.

But Sadie’s sweet intentions do not always go to plan! Her vanilla ice-cream cake for Mum is as flat as a pancake. Her cupcake stall has tough competition. And her welcome treat is not welcomed!

Can Sadie find a way to save the day? In these three sprinkle-filled stories (complete with recipes!) the unstoppable Sadie shows that any problem can be solved with generosity, kindness and, of course, a delicious baked treat.

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I loved reading a Sprinkle of Sadie! She is such a fun character and my favourite part is how she never gives up even when everything is going wrong. It’s so good to have three stories in one book because you can just continue reading and going on the adventures with Sadie. Sadie even encouraged me to make my mum a cake just like she did! It was so much fun and messy! Her blue hair streaks are super cool and different too. I can’t wait for the next book. Harper, aged 6, NSW, 5 Stars

Thank you for letting me preview A Sprinkle Of Sadie. This was really fun and enjoyable. There are 3 stories, all good. Sadie is a cool and kind person who likes to bake and is also very helpful. At the start of the books she has a plan to do something nice but then she finds a problem but in the end she finds with the help of her family and friends they can work it out and get back on track. There are also recipes in the book and my Mum and I even made Sadie’s 3-Ingredient Homemade Strawberries and Cream Ice-Cream. It was delicious! Scarlett, aged 8, VIC, 5 Stars

A Sprinkle of Sadie by Lana Spasevski is a pure delight. Delving into the pages with my niece, the story is filled with so much goodness – exploring friendships, kindness and family. Each page is sprinkled with a massive amount of fun. The large font and illustrations are a winner for new readers of chapter books. We were a big fan of the included recipes and cooked up a storm in our kitchen. The ability of this story to come alive within our home through baking, really connected my niece to the characters and messages that unfold throughout the book. Our greatest joy was sharing our baking with family and my niece could not wait to read more chapters. A sparkly, glittery and also very tasty story that is sure to spread joy to those who read it. Cathy, aged 7, QLD, 5 Stars

A Sprinkle of Sadie was really good!! It was funny, and I really like the blue stripe in Sadie’s hair. She can always make things better, when something goes wrong she says “I can do it” and gets it done. My favourite part was when the chicken shoved it’s head in the pink egg dye. My favourite story out of the three in the book was A Fair Fundraiser because Sadie saved the day by making a tasty snack. Claire, aged 9, NSW, 5 Stars

My daughter absolutely loved this book! We read A LOT and she said it’s one of the best books she’s ever read. Her favourite of the 3 was A Fair Fundraiser. Sherridan, aged 9, SA, 5 Stars

Filled with fun and family, A Sprinkle of Sadie will delight young readers who enjoy whipping up sweet treats! Sadie and her family – Mum is a police officer, Dad has his own YouTube baking channel – love making sweet treats to celebrate special occasions. Each of the three stories begins with Sadie ready to whip up a storm in the kitchen along with a little help from her best friends, Amber and Arlo. But when Mum’s birthday cake turns out as flat as a pancake, her fundraising cupcakes don’t seem to be selling or her new teacher isn’t impressed with her welcome gift, what can Sadie do to save the day? With a pinch of problem-solving skills, and a cupful of courage Sadie is able to turn near-disaster into delight while learning resilience, fairness and respect along the way. Young readers will love Sadie’s enthusiasm and following along with her baking adventures. There are even recipes at the end of each story for little chefs to recreate some of Sadie’s delicious goodies! A Sprinkle of Sadie is a delight and is sure to have fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in her baking adventures. Narelle, VIC, 5 Stars

I really like it because it’s really funny in some bits. It’s a really good book. Arvo and Amber were really really funny and Butter the dog helped Sadie. Sadie sounds like a really good cook. Kora, aged 7, NSW, 5 Stars

I really enjoyed this book and loved the concept of the three mini stories. The stories were very creative and deliciously fun making me want to read more. Sadie is a fun, creative, friendly and helpful character who always finds a way to deliver the fun. This book would suit most children and they could even learn from Sadie. Shelby, aged 10, NSW, 5 Stars

A SPRINKLE OF SADIE is about a girl named Sadie who loves to bake. She especially loves to bake for other people, like her Mum, her teacher and her community. Sometimes her creations fail but she always tries hard to fix it. Sadie’s friends Amber and Arlo help her with her baking and they have lots of fun together. I liked the book A SPRINKLE OF SADIE because the words were big and easy to read. I also liked that there was pictures to tell a bit of the story. The way the story was written helped me imagine what the characters look like and what their personalities are like. Sadie had a happy, bouncy personality and she was really kind to her friends and always let her friends help her bake. The different fonts also helped so I knew when to change the tone of my voice to make the book sound interesting. I thought the different fonts and the pictures were fun and interesting. I also liked that the chapters were short so I could read a chapter quickly and there weren’t too many words on each page. Ruby, aged 11, NSW, 5 Stars

I really liked reading all 3 stories in this book and I loved that there was recipes in the book for us to try at home. I REALLY like the second story the most because she was so nice by making the rainbow box so everyone could sell their cupcakes and no one missed out. I really liked this book and think other people my age would as well. Thankyou. Aubree, aged 8, WA, 5 Stars

This was a fun book to read. I found it a little young for me but read and enjoyed it anyway and I think my young cousin who is seven will love it. Alexis, aged 12, SA, 5 Stars

I loved A Sprinkle of Sadie because it is an Easter book (my favourite time of year) filled with recipes and ideas. I love cooking! The characters were great. Arlo was crazy! I loved Sadie because she likes cooking just like me! I thought the way they used different fonts makes the book more interesting to read. It is very entertaining. I can’t wait to read more books in the Sadie series! M, aged 10, VIC, 5 Stars

A Sprinkle of Sadie is three stories in one book. Sadie likes to bake but something always goes wrong. She makes her mum a birthday cake but it is flat and when she makes cupcakes for a fundraiser she can’t get the icing colour right. Her friends Arlo and Amber help her with her baking. I liked Sadie had a blue stripe in her hair and I liked Arlo because he was funny. My favourite part of the book was when the chickens got out of their pen and made a big mess while the class were dying eggs. Dot, aged 8, NSW, 5 Stars

My 10 year old loves this book! Was such a fun read for the both of us. Emily, aged 10, VIC, 5 Stars

I liked my book a lot. The stories were fun and I even got to make the strawberries and icecream cos we went to the strawberry farm and picked them. My brother Jarad liked the icecream with strawberries. Mum read the stories at bedtime. We made fairy bread. I like the books and all the recipes and other things. Sadie is really nice. Jasmine, aged 7, WA, 5 Stars

A Sprinkle of Sadie was an amazing book to read. I really liked the recipes because it’s something I can make. I also like how Sadie is super kind towards other people and plans them really special surprises. I love her blue hair chalk, it’s cool. It was a nice book to read and a book I could read by myself. Alyssa, aged 8, VIC, 5 Stars

This book was AMAZING! I loved the pictures and the different types of fonts. Sadie was brilliant because she loves baking and I do too. The stories were great – friendly and fun. Rebekah, aged 7, NSW, 5 Stars

I really liked this book. It is easy enough for younger kids to understand, but still interesting for older kids like me. I liked that the problems seemed big, but were easy for someone Sadie’s age to solve. It was nice that her parents had two very different jobs but still had lots of time for Sadie. It was good having the recipes. I liked Sadie, and I liked the details about her friends, the twins. I can’t wait for the next book. Mum says: This novel was probably a little simple in language and vocabulary for my daughter, but it’s great for younger or reluctant readers. Each story was lively and to the point, and kept my young reader interested. The recipes included are simple and age appropriate. Sadie is bright and believable. Kids will enjoy this and parents will also find it pleasant to read, to or with their kids. The messages about kindness, cooperation, and creative problem solving will be received well in most families. Grace, aged 9, 5 Stars

I like this book. My favourite story is the Easter one. It has got 8 good marks from me. I have chickens at my school too. I think the recipes sound good and I will try them out. A Sprinkle of Sadie. I love it. Do more Sadie previews please. Adriana, aged 6, NSW, 5 Stars

My granddaughter loves this book. She wants me to read it over and over and there is so many things you can do with the games, recipes, etc. It would be a great gift for any young girl and as an adult, not boring to read myself. Karen, QLD, 5 Stars

What SWEET stories!! Loved, loved, LOVED Sadie and her band of merry helpers. She is a character that is extremely personable and all kids can relate to. Sadie teaches children about perseverance and you can put your mind to anything if you really work at it. This is a wonderful character for children to look up to. I especially loved Story Three “An Eggy Emergency” because of my Greek heritage – it was awesome being able to relate to that. My son is a bit too young to read this book on his own but we read it together and we can’t wait to start making these recipes, especially from Story Three! All the sweetness has already given us a toothache! One more thing, can I get the recipe of Sadie’s dad’s crispy coconut crackles?? Nicole, NSW, 5 Stars

I really liked A Sprinkle of Sadie. I liked how she never gives up and I really want to try her recipes. Mum says we can some time. I can’t wait for the ice cream! Evelyn, aged 8, 4 Stars

I liked this book as it was fun to read and had lots of pictures in it. Sadie tries to help make a cake for her mum but it does not work out – it is very flat like a pancake Sadie is a very kind and caring person and she always tries her best. The best thing about Sadie is that she loves to make cakes – i like how they looked Sadie seems like a person I would like to meet as she tried to help people all the time even if it does not always go to plan. Laura, aged 9, 4 Stars

I enjoyed all three stories. Sadie sounds like a very good cook, and I look forward to trying some of her recipes, especially dying the eggs. That sounds like a lot of fun. I also liked the pictures and it was an easy to read book. Annette, aged 10, 4 Stars

Deliciously kind and thoughtful. Sadie is such a generous, positive person and great role model. All the recipes were wonderful and made me hungry! Ivy, aged 8, TAS, 3 Stars

A Sprinkle of Sadie by Lana Spasevski is a charming collection of three tales of Sadie overcoming problems. The stories cover the activities of Sadie and her friends Amber and Arlo who are all in second grade at Cookgrove Primary School. Sadie loves to cook with her father who is a YouTube cook. A Birthday Blunder follows Sadie’s attempt to surprise her mother with a birthday cake and gathering. A Fair Fundraiser has her baking cupcakes for the police youth club’s basketball courts. An Eggy Emergency centres on Easter and the arrival of a new class teacher. Each story has Sadie cooking and decorating with the help of her father and friends. Of course, there is a problem that needs solving but Sadie is up to the challenge after initially being overwhelmed and downcast. The moral of the stories is to never give up but to reassess the situation and find a solution. The stories are cute and suitable for early readers. The activities at the end of each tale are easy with adult guidance and not expensive, great for the holidays. Annette, ACT, 3 Stars

Sadie is a go-getter who likes to help people. This avid baker often helps her Dad (a celebrity chef) in the kitchen and tries to share the baking love around as much as possible. Sadie always has a plan, but sometimes things don’t pan out exactly as she imagined. In this three-story volume, her Mum’s cake turns out flat, her stall at the fair doesn’t sell as many cupcakes as she hoped, and her welcome gift for the new teacher doesn’t go down well. Lucky Sadie is resilient when the unexpected happens, and is able to think of new ways to save the day. I think young people who are into sprinkles and sparkles will enjoy this novel and the superstar vibe that Sadie gives off. Her desire to always save the day is admirable. As a grown-up, I found something a little off or annoying about how Sadie ALWAYS had to rescue every situation a little bit grating and her personality was really ‘tizzy’, but I can really see how it will appeal to this age bracket. Youngsters will love it. Penny, QLD, 3 Stars

I really enjoyed the book ‘A Sprinkle Of Sadie’. I like how it’s three books in one and I thought it was clever how each book has a recipe at the end of what they baked in that story. Book 3 is personally my favourite, I liked it the most because the chickens made me laugh. This is a lovely book to read, it has cheeky characters, a cute dog and lots and lots of sprinkles. I highly recommend it. Emily, aged 11, NSW, 3 Stars

I liked that there were three stories in one book and Sadie is good at solving problems. She seems nice. All the stories had a happy ending which was nice. I liked that her Mummy is a police officer and her dad is a baker. Mummy says that we aren’t allowed to have sweet things in the mornings though so I think Sadie was naughty making sweet things and eating them before school especially as she didn’t clean her teeth before she left for school. Ugh! We also aren’t allowed to have blue chalk in our hair at school so I think Sadie was wrong to go to school like this. It would look bad. Mummy also says that it’s rude to say “I want” ESPECIALLY with no please. She says we must ask nicely like “I would like xxx please” and we should always say “thank you” afterwards so I think Sadie and her friends are rather rude. This isn’t good. Mummy says that books should teach us good things so Mummy wasn’t happy with this book. Pamela, aged 8, 3 Stars

Eva was excited when the book arrived. She was happy that there were three stories. After having the stories read to her, Eva said she wanted to make the three recipes. She was very interested in the illustrations and the different kinds of writing. These kept her attention while the book was being read to her. Thank you for giving Eva the opportunity to enjoy ‘Sadie’ by Lana Spasevski. Eva, aged 6, QLD, 3 Stars


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Publisher details

A Sprinkle of Sadie
Joanie Stone, Lana Spasevski
Affirm Press
Children’s Fiction
29 March, 2022


Recommended for ages 6+.

Say hello to Sadie … a superstar baker with a big heart!

In this book, Sadie needs to throw a surprise birthday for her mum, help out at the Cookgrove fundraising day, welcome someone new to her class.

But Sadie’s sweet intentions do not always go to plan! Her vanilla ice-cream cake for Mum is as flat as a pancake. Her cupcake stall has tough competition. And her welcome treat is not welcomed!

Can Sadie find a way to save the day? In these three sprinkle-filled stories (complete with recipes!) the unstoppable Sadie shows that any problem can be solved with generosity, kindness and, of course, a delicious baked treat.
Lana Spasevski
About the author

Lana Spasevski

Lana LOVES writing kids’ books just as much as Sadie LOVES sprinkles! Her writing is endlessly inspired by her young daughters, who she lovingly calls her little book butterflies. Lana spends many hours treasure hunting in bookshops and attempting messy home bakes. Before Lana started writing kids’ books, she worked on creating brand stories for some of Australia’s most favourite products, including developing ideas for new baking products. Now, she hopes to inspire a love of storytelling through her books and sensationally sweet characters.

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