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A Fabulous Story, Perfectly Executed: Read a Review of The Diamond Hunter by Fiona McIntosh

November 4, 2019

A fresh, fabulous tale, meticulously researched, and perfectly executed.

 ‘It won’t matter how many diamonds you find if you lose the love of your child.’

The Diamond Hunter is the new historical blockbuster by Fiona McIntosh, the bestselling author of The Pearl Thief. It opens during the 1870s diamond rush in southern Africa, with a harrowing scene where six-year-old Clementine Knight loses her mother to malaria. Her mother Louise walked away from her wealth and a prestigious family background, to be with Clem’s father James, the love of her life, while he hunted for diamonds in Africa. Louise’s love for James had protected him from just how unhappy she was there, how sick she’d become, and the fact that she was carrying another child when she died. After her death, James finds solace in a bottle and much of Clementine’s care falls to their trusty Zulu companion, Joseph One-Shoe, and the unlikely pair form an unbreakable bond.

When the two men uncover a large, flawless diamond, James believes he has finally secured their future, but the discovery of the priceless gem comes at a huge cost. A dark bargain is struck to do whatever it takes to return Clementine to a respectable life at the Grant family’s sprawling estate in northern England – while the diamond disappears.

Years on, long-buried memories of Clementine’s childhood in Africa and her beloved Joseph One-Shoe are triggered, as she questions who she can trust. To solve the mystery of what happened to her loved ones all those years ago, she must confront a painful history and finally bring justice to bear.

From the harsh desert of Africa’s Kimberley diamond mine to the misty, green plains of northern England, The Diamond Hunter is a breathtaking adventure story about trust and betrayal, class structure and social justice. Fiona McIntosh generally sets her books in the 20th century but here she explores new territory setting it in the late 19th century. The result is a fresh, fabulous tale, meticulously researched, and perfectly executed. She really is a master storyteller. Her characters are complex and compelling, especially Clementine and Joseph One-Shoe.

The Diamond Hunter is the ultimate quest for truth, and a love that is truly priceless. An excellent read that will keep you up at night, unable to put it down.

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About the Author

Fiona McIntosh is an internationally bestselling author of novels for adults and children. She co-founded an award-winning travel magazine with her husband, which they ran for fifteen years while raising their twin sons before she became a full-time author. Fiona roams the world researching and drawing inspiration for her novels, and runs a series of highly respected fiction masterclasses. She calls South Australia home.



  1. Jenni Cullen

    Just finished this book and totally agree with your comments.Fell in love with Clem and her Zulu Warrior.Fiona is a wonderful author and I won’t part with any of her books.

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