Meet the Super Geeks from James Hart’s hilarious Super Geeks 1: Fish and Chips

Meet the Super Geeks from James Hart’s hilarious Super Geeks 1: Fish and Chips
Meet the Super Geeks

The Super Geeks are two best friends with a shared love of inventing and all things NERDY! Learn all about Zeek and Arnie, the kids who make up this top-secret world domination operation.

Zeek Emerson
Zeek is a super geek with aspirations of becoming the supreme ruler of the world! World domination has always been his goal, and with the help of best friend Arnie, perhaps he’s honed his inventing skills enough to attempt it . . . But, what will happen when things start to go wrong and his mega-important AI chip gets into the wrong hands – or fins?

Like Zeek, Arnie’s a total geek, and that’s exactly how he likes it! He’s got endless hobbies, from cooking drool-worthy dishes (perhaps his biggest calling) to reading comics, playing video games and, of course, inventing. He’s pretty content to keep doing his geeky thing – until Zeek throws him a curveball in the shape of a world domination plan!

Super Geeks 1: Fish and Chips is a graphic-style novel jam-packed with humour, action and adventure. The story contains underlying messages of friendship and identity, and is perfect for fans of the Wimpy Kid series, Dog Man or Real Pigeons.

Publisher details

Super Geeks 1: Fish and Chips
James Hart
Puffin Books
Children’s Fiction
02 March, 2021


The story of two best friends' quest for WORLD DOMINATION! Illustrator James Hart makes his authorial debut in this hilarious, action-packed graphic novel series! Perfect for fans of Real Pigeons, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dog Man. Zeek and Arnie are best friends. They do everything together. They love solving problems, inventing, playing video games, coding, reading comics, cooking (mostly Arnie) and planning WORLD DOMINATION (mostly Zeek). But when Zeek puts a microchip in Arnie’s pet fish, Eleanor, things go horribly wrong . . . A super-intelligent Eleanor decides she’s going to become the supreme ruler of the world. How will Zeek and Arnie stop Eleanor’s fish-bot army and prevent this power-hungry fish from achieving WORLD DOMINATION?
James Hart
About the author

James Hart

James Hart grew up loving comics, cartoons and drawing. After finishing his studies he turned that passion into a full time career as an illustrator. Over the years he has worked on toy designs, animations and books for multiple clients and publishers across the world. Projects include: the popular animated series of The Day My Butt Went Psycho, the award-winning You Choose series, the CBCA-notable Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables series, the thrilling Mysterious World of Cosentino series, the young adventure series: D-Bot Squad and MANY titles with his favourite author Adam Wallace.In 2018 James illustrated the Premiers' Reading Challenge posters in Victoria. 2019 sees the release of his new books series, Cowboy and Birdbrain, that he illustrated and co-created with Adam Wallace.When James isn't drawing he can be found being a dad and husband, watching movies and cartoons, listening to music, gardening, reading and writing.

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