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‘Brave and Feisty’: Connie Johnson tribute from Hachette Australia

September 12, 2017

conniejohnsonHachette Australia is saddened by the passing of activist and Love Your Sister head villager, Connie Johnson.

The brave, feisty, fabulous and much-loved Connie Johnson died on Friday 8th September. Many at Hachette Australia were fortunate to meet and work with Connie when she published the bestselling Love Your Sister, written with her brother Samuel (aka Uncle Long Legs) in October 2014.

Connie’s publisher and friend Vanessa Radnidge said, ‘Helping Connie publish her story was one of those magical publishing moments that we cherish. We got to see her smile up close, and the cheeky glint in her eye when she thought of a way to one-up Sam! Connie’s father had been a writer and a bookseller. Her mother a poet. Words, creativity and books are part of the Johnson DNA.  A voracious reader, Connie loved reading. She became friends with authors Favel Parrett and Brooke Davis after connecting with them through their work. The happiness Connie felt when she held her own book was electric.

When Connie was told her third cancer was going to take her life she got angry. She was terrified to say goodbye to her young sons and worried they wouldn’t remember her.  She decided that she would make her death mean something and she would use her story and her brother’s acting fame to try and stop other women having to say goodbye to the people they love.

But even with her steely determination firing, Connie could never have even dreamed of the things she would end up doing and what she would achieve. With Sam, and the mighty Village they have built, Connie raised over seven million dollars for cancer vanquishment. If you would like to donate to the ongoing fight against cancer or leave a tribute for Connie, you can go to

Connie Johnson was a truly unique and very special woman. She was smart, honest, wickedly funny, focused and determined. The day before she died she was awarded the Medal of The Order Of Australia, acknowledging her relentless fight against breast cancer. Connie won so many hearts all around Australia and she was indeed Australia’s favourite sister.’

Hachette Australia Joint Managing Directors Justin Ractliffe and Louise Sherwin-Stark have, on behalf of everyone at Hachette, pledged a $5000 donation to LOVE YOUR SISTER in Connie’s honour. A portion of every book sold will also contribute to cancer research.

Vale, Connie Johnson. Godspeed.


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