COVID-19 Emergency Action Funding for Writers and Publishers

COVID-19 Emergency Action Funding for Writers and Publishers

COVID-19 has been difficult for many people but those in the arts industry have been hit particularly hard. To assist, the Copyright Agency has approved $375,000 in Emergency Action Funding for 45 applications from a groundswell of 420 applicants, indicative of the overwhelming need for support for the Australian creative sector.

In April the Copyright Agency agreed to allocate $375,000 from its Future Fund to support Australian writers, publishers, visual artists and creative organisations during COVID-19.

Copyright Agency’s CEO Adam Suckling said, “The calibre of the applications was incredibly high, which made the allocation of funds very challenging. We were acutely aware of the importance of the funding in enabling authors, publishers and artists to continue their work, as well as providing hope for the creative industry at large, which has been decimated by the impact of COVID-19.

In approving the grants, Mr Suckling says: “This funding will provide surety for many organisations, writers and visual artists to carry on with their craft.”

Some of the writers supported include:

  • Established playwrights Alana Valentine and Angela Betzien, to create new plays.
  • Maggie MacKellar, to write a novel.
  • John Pickerell, to write about the recent bushfires.
  • Julie Janson, to write a new novel.

Some of the organisations to receive the Emergency Action Funding include:

Now, the Copyright Agency has now announced an additional $125,000. CEO Adam Suckling said, “Our earlier-announced Emergency Action Funding of $375,000 was overwhelmed with applications to support writers, publishers, visual artists and creative organisations in a quick and efficient response process.

“Sadly, as is always the case in assessing applications, there were many exceptional ones we could not fund under this round. Moreover, the crisis in the arts sector due to COVID-19 remains severe. We have therefore decided to increase funding.”

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