Do You Want to Win 100 New Books? Vote Now!

Do You Want to Win 100 New Books? Vote Now!

Are you an avid reader, always on the lookout for new titles to get your hands on? If you answered yes, we think you’ll be thrilled to know that you can now enter the draw to win all 100 of Australia’s top 100 fiction books for 2018!

To enter, you just need to vote for your all-time favourite adult fiction book. It can be international or local, old or new, classic or debut – it just needs to be the book you love the most. Please note, you may only vote for books that are currently available (in print), and no children’s choices – save those for our next Top 50 Kids’ list!

Another hint: to make your vote count, be sure to write a specific title, not just “Game of Thrones” or another series name, for example.

Once voting has closed, we’ll collate the 100 most-voted-for books, and then seven lucky winners will each receive a pack of all 100 titles.

Voting ends on Monday 8 October at 5pm, so vote now by filling out the form below.

Update, 8 October 2018 at 5pm: VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all who participated!

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  1. Stella Burt says:

    This book kept me guessing….funny and sad all in one.

  2. Debbie Berens says:

    This book had me hooked from start to finish.

  3. Justine Hartley says:

    This book was infatuating, it was intense and compelling, it was a book that made you query yourself and the decisions you would make in the their situation

  4. Denise Newton says:

    One of the best Australian fiction books ever. An searingly honest examination of our past.

  5. Aileen Gibbons says:

    Held my attention from beginning to end.

  6. Sue Black says:

    Totally engrossed from start to finish, wonderful story and characters.

  7. Leesa Merifield says:

    I have been reading this series for 25 years and I still can’t wait for the next one.

  8. Amy Kok says:

    Couldn’t put this book down and read it within a couple of days. Loved the different characters and how the story kept you guessing right up until the end, even if you thought you had worked out what was going to happen. Also loved seeing the TV series of this book – an amazing adaptation and seeing the characters so well developed on screen made me love the book even more!

  9. Christine Cooper says:

    Enjoyed all this series. Great story

  10. Pat Bissett says:

    An amazing story of family relationships, war, love, tragedy, bravery and stamina, with an unexpected twist. Great read.

  11. Kati Rasmussen says:

    A fantastic read that really draws you in – even if you read it 10 times or so (like me)…

  12. Lois Gibson says:

    Loved the trilogy. You get to love all the characters, even the villains.

  13. nicole larsen says:

    Just couldnt put it down

  14. Shirley Brodel says:

    Kept my full attention to the ends

  15. My rather battered copy of this book has been read and re-read many times since I first read it as a student nurse on night duty.The suspense comes from the tension between the innocent, rather gauche new bride and the brooding malevolence of the all-knowing house-keeper. Never bettered!

  16. Suzanne Robinson says:

    Different – amazed this book is not more well known!

  17. Nihal Goonetilleke says:

    Unusual and well written. Fascinating how it unfolds.

  18. Julie Harvey says:

    The Tea Gardens was so beautifully written that I lost myself in this book & the only book that I truly cld feel & see the
    Bittersweet love story unfolding

  19. Mary Gunawan says:

    Loved the first and all the amazing books that followed.The author is a genius.

  20. Anne Maree Peachey says:

    Adored Tears of The Moon, have reread it so may times over the years

  21. Vicki Mackereth says:

    The vote now link at the bottom of the entry form is not working!

  22. Margaret Forsyth says:

    Enjoy all of her books such great reads

  23. Esther says:

    I loved The Red Tent so much, that when I finished it I went straight back to Page 1 and read it again. Fabulous book:)

  24. Karen Fitzgerald says:

    It is a huge book in page numbers, but don’t be put off by that, it is just an amazing from the first page to the end and you even learn some fantastic history along the way and its a wonderful journey

  25. Sean Woodley says:

    Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton … not since I read “I know this much is true” by Wally Lamb have I been moved by such a book! Outstanding Debut

  26. marlish glorie says:

    A brilliant biography of an amazing woman. Powerful. Beautifully written.

  27. Jason Lockwood says:

    I’m a World of Warcraft legend fan, and I especially appreciate the storyline behind the Night Elves and Dragon Aspects – so obviously, this book was tremendously foreseen. I completely delighted in all parts of the book – from the orcs sent once again into antiquated Kalimdor, to the kingdom of the Night Elves, to the far achieves where the Dragons dwelled. It was an impact getting the opportunity to see the story unfurl with names and faces you perceived from the diversions (ie. WC3, WoW) and view them in methods you wouldn’t get to generally observe.

    The accounts were both enabling and lamentable and extremely kept me locked in. It’s incredible investigate a substantial lump of WoW’s storyline and how occasions brought about how we presently observe them.

    Additionally, an extremely captivating read for people who are new to World of Warcraft. I found an outside peruser could, in any case, appreciate the adventurous storyline and characters.

  28. Dorothy Thomas says:

    Not sure if my vote registered…just said my subscription was received.

  29. Janette Cornish says:

    East of Eden is the most ‘complete’ book I have read in my 72 years. The characters are authentic, the story is universal, the writing is poetic and enhances our beliefs about the beauty of language. And the last seven words of the book will leave you changed forever.

  30. Isis Coulton says:

    Im 11 years old and I prefer reading over technology. I have over 20 books and I have every single 1 of them. If I won I would read and read and READ. It would be a dream come true.

  31. Adele says:

    This was the very first book I read written by this author and provoked me to collect all of her books. She writes with an Irish humour, and hits the mark on many emotional levels. I read and then reread all of these books.

  32. Diane Cain says:

    Enjoyed the story set in Australia and we have now traveled/stayed in some of these places/towns. Fabulous book to read.📚🔖

  33. Jess says:

    This book shows why James Patterson is as popular as he is and makes you want to read the book in a night, just to see what will happen. He inspires me to become an author like he is.

  34. Lorraine smith says:

    Love her books and others in this genre

  35. Jacqueline Hayden says:

    A female 1984

  36. The Pearler’s Wife by Roxanne Dhand intrigued me from the very beginning. The concept of leaving your home country and travelling to an unknown land to marry a man you didn’t know, as an obligation to your parents, was alarming, but left me wanting to know how it would work.
    I loved learning more about the area, the industry of pearling and the ‘mechanics’ of living with a man that Maisie Porter, the central character, detested…
    How she coped, how she managed to become part of the community and survive all that was thrown at her, yet was still able to reach out others in need, kept me turning pages.
    It is definitely a book that I want to reread…

  37. Johanna rees says:

    In Pale Battalions is beautifully written, needing no erotic scenes or bad language to draw the reader in, just full of secrets, intricate details and mystery. A real page turner and twists and tale right up to the last page.

  38. Kris Williams says:

    The writing in Elemental by Amanda Curtin has a gentleness about it but still manages to clearly portray the harshness of the landscape and the work, or the frustration of the main character. I love her writing.

  39. Annette Birnie says:

    This was one of the first books I read that actually took me there. I was part of the story – I was in it.

  40. Pam Graham says:

    Loved this book

  41. Chrissy Roberts says:

    The Day of the Gecko is funny, interesting and gives an account of what happened to Harold Holt too. It’s such a great read.

  42. Sarah S says:

    Transcends the age groups in my family – I’m confident my vote wasn’t a kids classic, considering it is my favourite and I read it first as an adult 😉

  43. Kylie T says:

    Thank you for an opportunity to vote.

  44. Glen Everett says:

    Lord of the Rings trilogy. Awoke my eyes to the realms of Fantasy and Sci-Fi from all different authors.

  45. Brad Hoey says:

    Clive Custler, shadow tyrants, wow what a read couldn’t put it down. First time I have read a book in two days. Action and mystery. Highly recommend any of Clives books. I am currently reading Pirates. It’s fantastic as well by Clive Custler. 👍

  46. Sophie says:

    Where can we find the list of winning books?

  47. Noelene says:

    When will the 2018 list be available? I use it to buy for my friends throughout the year.