Do You Want to Win 50 Amazing Kids’ Books? Vote Now!

Do You Want to Win 50 Amazing Kids’ Books? Vote Now!


Are you an avid reader, always on the lookout for new kids’ books to get your hands on? If you answered yes, we think you’ll be thrilled to know that you can now enter the draw to win all 50 of Australia’s top 50 kids’ books for 2019!

To enter, you just need to vote for your all-time favourite kids’ book. It can be international or local, old or new, classic or debut – it just needs to be the kids’ book you love the most. Please note, you may only vote for books that are currently available (in print).

Another hint: to make your vote count, be sure to write a specific title, not just “Harry Potter” or another series name, for example.

Once voting has closed, we’ll collate the 50 most-voted-for books, and then seven lucky winners will each receive a pack of all 50 titles.

Voting ends on Thursday 13 June at 5pm AEST, so vote now by filling out the form below. Please note that by submitting your vote, you will be automatically subscribed to the Better Reading weekly newsletter. You may unsubscribe at any time.


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    1. Adrienne Morris says:

      I retired last year as a primary school teacher librarian and my final Book Week dress up costume was Mary Poppins. It’s a book that has stayed with me all my life.

    2. Debbie Wassell says:

      I am a Family Day Care Educator and every time I read this book to the children they ask for it over and over. We use paper towelling rolls as telescopes to make it interactive. Best book for children.

    3. Suzanne Robinson says:

      Love promoting literacy for our youngsters. So many favourites!

    4. Karen Stalker says:

      I remember reading this book as a child, and it has always stayed with me.
      Would love to read it again one day.

    5. Nicole says:

      I’m a librarian and a mum. This is a favourite at home where my 8yo knows it by heart, and the regulars to storytime request this over and over. It’s a fun book guaranteed to have everyone laughing. I have different character voices which adds to the storytelling experience

    6. Wendy says:

      Love reading this book to groups of children or individual child. It is fun, allows me the involve children and they love the suspense of the broom snapping in two and the dragon possibly eating the witch.

    7. Susannah Ball says:

      How do you choose just one!! So many wonderful authors and illustrators out there of children’s books.
      But today I will go for “Guess how much I love you” by Sam Bratney because as well as being a beautiful story – it was for many years a great model of how to get to sleep for my children who wanted to stretch out going to bed as long as possible 🙂

    8. Rhonda Bruce says:

      Difficult to choose one book and one author. Wide range of reading materials. Currently voted for this author as the books are always on loan.

    9. Amanda says:

      My son is a book worm and it was hard to choose just one. This is a long time favourite, a fabulous story which he loved and which has inspired book week costumes. Now he reads it aloud to his younger brother and sister.

    10. Rebecca says:

      The Very Hungry Caterpillar was my favourite as a child, my older brother used to read it to me all the time. Then both my children received it from my brother as babies and I did the same for his daughter when she was born. A true family favourite!

    11. Melissa says:

      Matilda has to be a family favourite of my 4 kids and myself, can read it over and over and still get laughs and joy from it. Such an amazing book and author

    12. Sarah says:

      Lenny’s Book of Everything has skyrocketed into my top 10, which is no mean feat, as I’ve been very particular about my list!

    13. Jen says:

      Best children / adults book
      Learning about Superhero Foods
      Teaching children to adults what good foods are soooo wonderful for your body in such a fun way of learning
      A must for everyone please get a copy of this gorgeous cute book to begin early in life if you have very young children teaching them what is good for your body & gives you energy
      A super fun read & adorable
      Superhero Foods by Clare Zivanovic

    14. Jodie Wilson says:

      This choice was so hard! There are so many amazing children’s books. I chose Badly Drawn Dog because I work in a school library and often read this book to children. Apart from being a dog story (my faves) it has a wonderful message about loving who you are

    15. Lucy Hart says:

      I love Jacqueline Harvey. Have you read the new Alice- Miranda yet? So good!
      (Alice-Miranda Keeps The Beat:)

      • Bethany says:

        I also LOVE Jacqueline Harvey’s books as well! They are well written and her stories are really gripping, exciting, and fun!
        I can’t wait to read Kensy and Max: Undercover, and Alice-Miranda Keeps the Beat!

    16. Rhonda Long says:

      We love The Wrong Book.
      My grandkids love filling in whats coming next.
      This is only one of many
      Love the special moments that books provide

    17. Orlando the Marmalade Cat – A Seaside Holiday (and all the others in the series too!) by Kathleen Hales, was an all time favourite of mine.

    18. Karen Moody says:

      A great Australian author and a great book which can be read to kids and when they are older they can read themselves.

    19. Jane Stewart-McDougall says:

      The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a book that I read to my 5 children, and now I am reading it to my 2 Grandchildren.

    20. Michael says:

      Our family of four boys loves “The Gruffalo” every time!

    21. Selma Barry says:

      A wonderful tale of suspense culturally based using Australian animals and Australian food and located through out Australian capital cities, so it makes an excellent gift for all my overseas visitors. Children and adults love listening to this story. Being a bookworm there are so many other excellent books that are must haves.

    22. Ruth Wilson says:

      Books come to life when read with children particularly well illustrated and interesting story lines.

    23. Shruti says:

      Books makes my kids more creative and innovative.

    24. Lara Baggott says:

      My son has loved We’re Going on a Bear Hunt .. in all it’s forms and was the first book he learnt off by heart!.

      We have read, sung (ABC), exploring our garden/walking to shops/park Bear hunting and seen the wonderful live play based on the book. Always a favourite!

    25. Jennifer Tso says:

      I Love Benji Davis, especially Grandad’s Island, it touch my heart when I read it.

    26. Vicki Love says:

      Very Hungry Caterpillar. I love reading to my grandchildren when I can.

    27. Carla says:

      The War of Art. Should be in high schools.

    28. Faye-Elizabeth H says:

      WINNIE THE POOH by A.A.Milne is a book that has travelled well over the years. Children over the decades have enjoyed this tale and I still love it. I have read it to my children and my grandchildren.

    29. Penny says:

      Oh the places you’ll go by Dr Seuss is a must read for everyone. It has a realistic message which encourages a child to dream big but remember that they have to work hard for it, that friends come and go and that being alone is a fact of life. I can recite it by heart.

    30. Margaret Tribbick says:

      Snuggle pot and Cuddle Pie, I just love these books, the Australiana illustrations are some of the best for children too recognise. I read these books to my Grand Children, so they understand what we have here in Australia, that we should be proud of.

    31. Margaret Tribbick says:

      Thank you for the chance to vote.

    32. Logan Elliott says:

      Good easy

    33. Angel says:

      Can I chose 2? I love the Scarlet and Ivy series as well as Dork Diaries. They are my favourite and I have both of the series at home.

    34. Maia K says:

      Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the all time best book in the entire world.

    35. Amanda Riley says:

      Have loved Grug since I was in primary school and now my kids love him too!

    36. Jacky says:

      Loved these books when I was a kid. I went on to study under ted prior at the art tafe in Newcastle was one of the most amazing things I have ever had the pleasure of doing. I’m 33 weeks pregnant and my daughter will grow up with these books

    37. Ruth Friend says:

      So hard to name just one, as there are so many great kids books out there – but in the end chose The Wonky Donkey as my grandkids love it, and I enjoy reading it to them.

    38. Gowri says:

      Our daughter loves reading A Cat in the Hat and knows the words by heart even though she can’t read yet ( Age 2.9).It has been her favourite bed time book for a while now

    39. Jill says:

      Like so many of Julia Donaldson books the rhyming and make believe of “Jack and the FlumFlum Tree” makes great repeated reading that also lets little ones join in the repetition.

    40. Glenda Bignell says:

      A teacher before retirement, I loved reading to children and watch their expression as a story grew with interest or pictures captured their lives.

    41. Linda Walker says:

      Love Eric Carle books and this book has been a favourite for generations.

    42. Mary Lewis says:

      Love Slinky Malinky by Julia Donaldson

    43. Sharee Morley says:

      My daughter just can’t get enough of reading… first thing she wants to do when she wakes up and the last thing she wants to do before bed…. We both adore Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allen Ahlberg.

    44. Su-Chin Parry says:

      My Family of 3 love the stories of Wings of Fire books

    45. Valerie Van Dieren says:

      I read ‘The Elephant Child’ by Rudyard Kipling to my son every night for months. He never tired of it.

    46. Lou Collings says:

      Possum Magic by Mem Fox is my all time favourite. As a mum of 2 grown up daughters, a grandmother of 2 littlies and a long time librarian, this book still enchants every new person in my life that I read it too, as well as reigniting my love of the words and images. I had the amazing privilege of hearing Men Fox read it live at a seminar I attended a couple of years ago.

    47. Faye-elizabeth says:

      A.A. Milne – Winnie the Pooh – What an awesome book… All the characters were made into cuddly toys. Tigger was and is, my favourite.. A lovely story for children and their parents and grandparents!

    48. Priscilla says:

      ‘Flawed’ by Cecelia Ahern is a thought provoking young adult book that leaves you pondering right from wrong well after the final page. Does the punishment always fit the crime?

      • Kathryn Hopson says:

        Possum Magic a beautiful children’s story timeless in its appeal. Julie Vivas illustrated it beautifully and Hush is still everyone’s favourite – as a Librarian for over 30 years it was a favourite story time book and still is!

    49. Jennifer McCarthy says:

      How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen by Russell Hoban, first published in 1974, used to make our kids, and us, laugh so much. Definitely worth a look for reluctant boy readers if you can still find it.

    50. Sandy Golda says:

      My 4yo son absolutely adores “We Don’t Eat Our Classmates” by Ryan T. Higgins and I must confess it’s my absolute favourite to read with him now as a result. Penelope’s antics in the story are quite hilarious!

    51. Cinzia says:

      I’m definitely going to find a copy of, ‘We Don’t Eat our Classmates’, it sounds quite funny.

    52. Cinzia says:

      I have always loved, ‘Something For Nothing’ b Phoebe Gilman. I adore the illustrations.

    53. Colleen Bilston says:

      Withering-by-sea is a great story, full to the brim with feisty characters, and a good dose of mystery, magic and intrigue. A great book to read to children 8+, an absolute page-turner!

    54. John Gough says:

      I am 70, and grew up with “Little Golden Books” (such as “Good Morning: Good Night”, and “A Year in the City”, and “Johnny’s Machines”), and the almost forgotten but often fabulous “Little Wonder Books” written and illustrated and published in Australia. “The Mouse Who Was Boastful”, for example (hilarious, and profoundly moral), and “The Calf Who Couldn’t Moo” (just as funny, and beautifully illustrated), and “Peter Cat” (absolutely charming), and maybe ten others. And also, A.A. Milne’s poetry (the stories came later). And also Ivy L. Wallace’s beautiful “Pookie”, the flying rabbit who lived in a kind of fairy land; and Magdalen Elden’s beautiful “Bumble”, and later books about Bumble Holmes, a Pekinese related to Sherlock Holmes, who live in a house in a tree on Dartmoor, with a vast family of Scottish mice — the pictures are brilliant. I mention these because they were early, for me, but indicate a long memory, and a life in children’s books.
      Later, there were glimpses of Alison Uttley’s “Little Grey Rabbit”, and Dorothy Wall’s “Blinky Bill” (who doesn’t cry when Blinky Bill’s mother is SHOT!), and Leslie Rees’ “Digit Dick”, Australia’s own Tom Thumb, and May Gibbs’ “Snugglepot and Cuddlepie”, and “Scotty in Gumnut Land” and “Prince Dande-Lion”, and Norman Lindsay’s “Magic Pudding”. Magic! Magic! All of them!
      Then, suddenly (?) I seemed to be listening on ABC radio to Ivan Southall’s “Simon Black” and Ruth Park’s “Muddle-headed Wombat”, and reading “Mrs Aeneas Gunn’s “Little Black Princess” and Tarlton Rayment’s almost forgotten Aboriginal saga, “Prince of the Totem”, and W.E. Johns’ “Biggles”, and Richmal Crompton’s “William”, and Kipling’s “Just So Stories”, and hearing and reading Kenneth Graham’s immortal “Wind in the Willows”! (!!)
      Of course I read much (MUCH!) more, but these authors and titles will indicate something of my early experiences reading as a child.
      I continued reading children’s books as an adult, and found many authors to love, including Alan Garner, Penelope Lively (yes, she started as a children’s author, and was a prize-winner several times!), and Christobel Mattingley, and Katherine Paterson, and Ursula Le Guin (“Earthsea”!), and Diana Wynne Jones!
      BUT! BUT! BUT! If I have to nominate ONE author and ONE title as my utter favourite children’s book, it would be ….. dddrrumrolllll … Elizabeth Goudge, and “The Little White Horse”.
      It is funny, and quaint, and thoughtful, and profound, and vivid, and beautifully illustrated by Walter Hodges, and in the same league as Jane Austen — which should tell you something! (Goudge’s other books, for adults, and children — “I Saw Three Ships” is a gorgeous Christmas story! — are fabulous, also!!)
      I know “The Little White Horse” was made into a film, but if all you know is the film, that was SOOOO different from the book that you really ought to get a copy of the book and read it, and re-read it, and re-read it … which is what I do!

    55. Debra Wray says:

      Like many other comments, it was so difficult to choose as there are so many children’s books that I love but I have to admit I love Lynley Dodd’s ‘Sniff, Snuff, Snap!’ It is a favourite with my grandchildren, from the oldest to the youngest. Alison Lester’s ‘Magic Beach’ was the other favourite – the imagery, along with the pictures makes it a long time favourite.

    56. Marie White says:

      The book I remember most from when I was a child is Anne of Green Gables. I loved that book. I escaped from reality into my own dream world. That is the magic of a great book.

    57. Kim says:

      First my daughter and now my twins boys absolutely love Mem Fox’ Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toe. It has been replaced twice and is once again in need of repair! My daughter loves to read it to her brothers at least once a week and they love to listen🥰😘

    58. Edwin Chew says:

      We love Belinda [The cow] – it’s classic!

    59. Georgina says:

      My daughter loves the Hot Dog books by Anh Do.

    60. Courtney says:

      My son loves with book with no pitcures- it was read to him by captain starlight when in hospital- it sparked a love of reading in him that has continued to this day. We visit the local library a couple of times a week to borrow new books. I’ve loved reading everyone’s suggestions and have added many to our list. Thank you

    61. My grandkids love David Williams & the books get passed around when finished ,easy to read & funny.

    62. sharyn parsell says:

      I absolutely love Enid Blyton’s “Faraway Tree” and all the others in that series…. I have them all and i read them to my 5 year old Granddaughter Shanara and her 3yo brother Elijah and they get so excited hearing all about the magic island above the tree every day and they giggle so much when “Mrs Washalot” does her washing and the water comes down the tree and they love the popping lollies to.
      I will also read them to their twin brothers Jeremiah and Zackiah very soon as they are 1yo in November.
      You never get bored with these amazing stories whether you are young or old.

    63. Chrissy Roberts says:

      Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs in a book that has stayed with me all my life since I first read it when I was only 9.
      Wonderful book and full of adventure.

    64. Caitlin Abbey says:

      Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

    65. Donna Prior says:

      The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith.
      I love it and so dous my 2 year old.

    66. Debra Warwick says:

      The Smallest Turtle by Lynley Dodd. A beautiful story about the survival of one of Earth’s truly special creatures.

    67. Eliana Midgley says:

      I love reading all sorts of books. Especially spy ones.

    68. I love the Kenzy and Max books by Jacqueline Harvey.

    69. Anonymous says:

      One of my favourite books is called Clementine Rose and the farm fiasco.

    70. Anonymous 777 says:

      My all time favourite books are Kensy and Max. They are filled with mystery and adventure which I think is awesome.
      Go Kensy and Max