Enter the draw to win Australia’s Top 100 Books!

Enter the draw to win Australia’s Top 100 Books!


Are you an avid reader, always on the lookout for new titles? If you answered yes, we think you’ll be thrilled to know that you can now enter the draw to win an amazing pack of Australia’s top 100 fiction books for 2021! Yep, that’s right. 100 books will be delivered to your home to go straight into your bookcase or onto your bedside bookstack.


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To enter, you just need to vote for your all-time favourite adult fiction book. It can be international or local, old or new, classic or debut – it just needs to be the book you love the most.


Please note, you may only vote for books that are currently available (in print), and no children’s choices – save those for our next Top 50 Kids’ list! Another hint: to make your vote count, be sure to write a specific title, not just “Game of Thrones” or another series name, for example.


Once voting has closed, we’ll collate the 100 most-voted-for books, and then seven lucky winners will each receive a pack of all 100 titles.


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Voting ended on Wed 31 March at 5pm.



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  1. Shirley Walden says:

    This seven sister series is one of the best set of books have read in years

  2. G.Rossi says:

    My all time favourite book…A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. It’s heartbreaking, breath taking and inspirational. It’s about resilience and love against the odds & the strength of two woman under the volatile & controlling environment in Afghanistan. It is a book that will stay with you forever. It is the book I have recommended to others more than any other. I read it first about 8 years ago and have read many hundreds of books over the years but no book has touched me and stayed with me the way A Thousand Splendid Suns has.

  3. Nicole Tebble says:

    Whilst all of Sandie books are amazing and well written, The Banksia Bay Beach Shack is my favourite.
    I can’t wait for future release of her published books.

  4. Pamela Schoenwald says:

    I absolutely loved this book and every other one Josephine has written

  5. Helen says:

    All Our Shimmering Skies. Magical read.

  6. LeonieM says:

    Flying the Nest by Rachel Johns is a real treat. It all felt very familiar and the characters were easy to fall in live with. Great writing and great reading.

  7. Filomena IANNANTUONO says:

    Eckhart’s wisdom is timeless and empowering.

  8. H. Deegan says:

    Flying the Nest is the best. I am loving every page.

  9. Karen Baric says:

    I have read several of Rachael’s books, they are all very good reads, very un-put-downable.

  10. Helen Marlow says:

    I absolutely adore all of Rachel Johns books and Flying the Nest did not disappoint. Can’t wait for more books to be released please Rachel x

  11. C.Melkie says:

    All our shimmering skies all the way

  12. Jacquie Whipp says:

    Disappointed this book couldn’t be located at major bookstores. Please rectify!

  13. Jacquie Whipp says:

    Looking forward to reading any book written by the author Sandie Docker. Have read three of her amazing, can’t put down books. Had to go to the library for one of them as was disappointed some were not stocked at places like Big W.

  14. Colleen Mitchell says:

    A wonderful , enthralling book, Tea Cooper never fails to please. Australia is fortunate to have such an author.

  15. Jasmine Mcmorron says:

    How I love reading many books that are written by Australian authors. Well done to all. Your books keep me reading late in the night, they are too good to put down. Take care all.

  16. Chris says:

    A wonderful entertaining book by Tea Cooper, love reading her novels…..keep writing please

  17. Fiona MacKenzie says:

    The Banksia Bay Beach Shack is such a wonderful read. Close your eyes and you are there!

  18. Judy Smith says:

    Another must read by Kate Grenville. A superb writer

  19. Maria says:

    Loving all Books By


  20. Sarah says:

    It was hard to choose. I have many favorite Australian Authors and books.

  21. Leeann Mion says:

    If you love a Rural romance, Bottlebrush Creek is a delightful read.
    It’s filled with Aussie humour, family dramas, baking, gardening and romance.
    Maya Linnell sure knows how to keep you turning pages.📖

  22. Kristine Schipp says:

    Just fascinated by the history of an area I know… loved the characters & mystery.

  23. Tanya Moore says:

    The Song of Troy by Colleen McCullough is one of the best historical fiction books surrounding ancient Greece. McCullough creates characters with personality while painting the vivid and complexities of this famous war.

  24. Nicole Elliott says:

    I have loved all of Sandie Dockers books especially the Banksia Bay Bookckub which was so good I found myself walking. Around the house with it attached to my hands as I did things. Truly could not put it down!

  25. Susan Mannix says:

    I have read every Peter Watt book! They truly are the best! People need to know about his books!! Once you start, honestly you are waiting for his next one to be released.

  26. Anne Watt says:

    I enjoy reading Di Morrissey’s books especially her books that are set in Australia.
    I also enjoy reading other Australian authors when they write about places in Australia.

  27. Carolyn Manners says:

    My very favourite book is Jane Eyre, there is so much unsaid, so much more to discover each time I reread it.

  28. Grahame White says:

    I am a huge fan of Aussie Author Peter Watt. I encourage every reader interested in a great read with some Aussie history blended into the storyline to pick up one of his books. But be warned…. once you read one you will want to read them all.

  29. Kim Kuhnemann says:

    I loved this book. It’s funny and poignant and deals with life and human frailties.

  30. Kim says:

    Hamnet by Maggie O’farrell is such an emotionally wrenching book. Incredible writing.

  31. Robyn Vas says:

    After the party was the best book I have read for a long time. I recommended this book to lots of people who also loved it. Cannot put this book down.

  32. Hielie.smedts says:

    Have loved all 3 of Sandie Dockers books and look forward to her next one.

  33. Ann says:

    The story of the first of Peter Watts books on The Duffy & Macintosh story give the readers the true story that happened to the aboriginal people of Australia & anyone who befriended them.

  34. Leeann Mion says:

    After the Party by Cassie Hamer was a entertainer. It kept me on my toes. A very enjoyable read. 📖

  35. Louise Tigchelaar says:

    For a good rural Australian romance, you can’t go past Bottlebrush Creek by Maya Linell. A fabulous new author!

  36. Louise Hill says:

    A fabulous read.

  37. Janelle Curnow says:

    Love every thing by Tricia Stringer, as she writes about localities Ive been to and Its easy to imagine yourself there

  38. Leonie Kierath says:

    Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

  39. Chris Dudley says:

    The Silent Listener had me addicted from the very first page.

  40. Diana Edwards says:

    I Give My Marriage a Year by Holly Wainwright
    A brilliant read – loved every minute of it!

  41. Anne says:

    Reducing the list down to just one book is a tough ask but The Book Thief is certainly up there jostling for the top spot. Had to toss a coin though . . . !

  42. Cecily Trevillion says:

    I loved The Happiest Refugee so much that I have actually bought 3 copies over several years. The first time I was travelling so I gave it away as it was too heavy for my backpack. I bought another copy and after reading it again I then loaned it to someone! Big mistake, I never got it back, so I bought a third copy, and yes, I read it again. Then we moved interstate, I did pack up some books for Vinnies. Guess what, when I unpacked eventually, it wasn’t there..so now I intend to buy another! And yes, I will read it again!
    Ahn Do takes us on the journey of his family’s struggle coming to Australia from war torn Vietnam and the difficulties of settling in to eventually find their place here. I love his humour, his wit and his empathy and understanding for his mother. This book is timeless..it should be a classic and one that will always be enjoyed and appreciated by people of all ages and all backgrounds. Everyone that I have recommended it to, regardless of age or background has enjoyed it. Congratulations Ahn Do!

  43. Sheena golding says:

    I loved the book theif written from the prospective of death it’s descriptive and sweet bringing to life the hope, kindness and resilience created during one of history’s darkest time – war. It was truly a page turner and I loved every word.

  44. C Teagle says:

    Love Victoria Purman books! So well researched and written. Love learning while enjoying a fiction thread in stories and she has nailed it especially with The Land Girls, The Womens Pages and The Lasr of the Bonegilla Girls!

  45. Helen Harrison says:

    Enjoy most books by Australian authors but prefer historical romance set during wartime
    Began reading Fiona’s books with The Lavender Keeper but when I read the Pearl Thief could not put it down
    By far her best book yet
    Looking forward to reading more of her novels

  46. Mandy says:

    I love Maya Linnell’s books, and can’t wait for the 3rd one. Bottlebrush Creek is a beautifully written book, with wonderful characters and a relatable story. A fitting sequel to her first book, Wildflower Ridge.

  47. M says:

    Have to rate this book as the most excellent book I have read.

  48. Jennifer Wood says:

    Every book written by Tea Cooper has been amazing. Her knowledge and research into Australian history has been outstanding. Her books are very readable and thoroughly enjoyable. I especially enjoyed “The girl in the Painting”

  49. L.Richardson says:

    My all time favorite book is ” All The Rivers Run By Nancy Cato” … It just brought Australia’s colonial period alive and made it so vibrant and alive.

  50. b. LInes says:

    ‘American Dirt’ by Jeanine Cummins is a novel which raises many issues about why people become refugees/asylum seekers; that human need to protect family and the drive to find a ‘better’ life in foreign places. It does not shy away from the situations faced by those making that awful decision to leave what they know and love in an effort to live, and their conflicted emotions, or what they face along the way. It is brutal and brilliant when weaving the insidiousness of the drug cartels into the plot. Totally believable and draws you in from the first page. Thought-provoking and totally engaging without being ‘preachy’ or melodramatic.

  51. Barry Brumpton says:

    I absolutely love All of Clive Cusslers books and read them as soon as I can get hold of any new copies.

  52. Debby Crawford says:

    Di Morrissey is hands down my favourite author

  53. Karen Stutz says:

    One of the best fiction books that truly comes to life..
    Nobel prize winning author for a reason and an excellent fictional read based on non-fictional behaviours and emotions. It’s almost like you believe the story and can imagine how boys so young could and would do such things given the fact there is very little education and life experience involved.

  54. Teresa Ainsworth says:

    IT was the first Stephen King book I started reading and I’ve been hooked on this famous horror writer ever since. I admire his skill at character development.

  55. Meg Watts says:

    I reviewed the book The Hanging Girl for a book group. I enjoyed the structure as well as the writing & plot. From this one book, I just had to read other books by Jussi Adler Olsen which led me to searching for, & reading, quite a number of other books by authors from Scandinavia.

  56. Sean says:

    A fraction of the whole by Steve Toltz. A slow burner that ignited a third of the way in and then engulfed my mind and heart. Insanely funny and insightful tale that made me realise that I’m not as desperately alone in my odd thoughts as I had assumed, and that odd thoughts can be put to good use!



    Exciting adventures for every age!

    The best book ever!

    A book from the heart of a child that will speak to every heart who reads it!

  58. Nancy Rose says:

    I have a passion for pre 20th century novels about our bush etc. I have discovered Darry Fraser as a writer, I am fast becoming a fan of her style of writing.

  59. Patricia McMacken says:

    G Rossi describes A Thousand Splendid Suns perfectly. Wonderful book

  60. Cecily Trevillion says:

    Sorry my last entry had an auto correct in the spelling of Ahn Do’s name and sent
    before I was able to correct it.
    I have read this book, The Happiest Refugee several times. I have given my copy away, bought another, read it again, loaned the new copy, moved and lost it in the move. I am ready to buy it and read it again. Ahn Do has written his story with great empathy for his mother, with humour and respect for the very difficult journey of his family in their endeavours to travel from Vietnam, settle and live in the safety of Australia. This story is timeless and could, in time, become one of our Australian classics.

  61. jillb1949 says:

    Love the Godmothers by Monica McInerney. Monica just keeps getting better.

  62. June Ralphs says:

    Absolutely loved The Godmothers and all of Monica’s books.

  63. Christine Sheen says:

    Another heartwarming and beautiful family story. Great read. My favourite author. Always feels good reading Monica’s books.

  64. Susanne H says:

    I have lots of favourite books but Cloud Street is the one I keep measuring them with.

  65. Selena says:

    Love every book Jodie Picoult has written but The storey teller is the best! It’s my go to book when I have nothing new to read. Always brings tears to my eyes.

  66. Shirley Baerken says:

    The series of books by Jean M Auel brings history to life, adding a wonderful understanding of Ice Age life between Neanderthals and the emerging human life. The writing is so in-depth and absorbing that I found I had to put the books aside quite regularly to gather myself back into today. I just LOVE the whole series and have recommended them for many years to all my reading-loving friends and family.

  67. Neelima SKadiyala says:

    I have read The Wife and The Widow by Christian White late 2020 and CW has become one of my favourite Aussie authors. Its a MUST READ for all the fans of Thriller genre. !!! Very cleverly crafted layers of the plot and twists with characters beautifully drawn out. SENSATIONAL…I can’t tell you how many friends of mine hooked on to that book!

  68. Cinzia De Luca-Grace says:

    The Lost Man – Jane Harper.

  69. Hayley says:

    I read over a 140 books last year and loved so many. Classics, in particular are a favourite. You can’t go wrong with Les Miserables or Anna Karenina or Wuthering Heghts. There are so many great debut fiction as well and I will always support our Aussie authors.

  70. krystine walsh says:

    Kazuo Ishiguro, The Unconsoled, unique book, such an emotional journey

  71. Cheryl Timms says:

    Loved this book so much as I do all of Rachael’s books. She puts so much of real life and our problems in her stories.

  72. Rebecca Johansen says:

    Any of Rachael Johns books are great to read. I have many other Aussie Authors that I read too. I don’t have a favourite book as such but one that I always remember (from school) is Go Ask Alice.

  73. Xanthe Brown says:

    Best book ever is Aurora Rising. It has action, romance and friendship. It’s about an unlikely group of misfits that have to work together to save everything. Each character is unique and has a amazing backstory. And every chapter is another charchters perspective so you don’t have to read boring hooks about one person’s point of view. This boom series is a trilogy and the next books is Aurora Burning and soon to be released Aurora’s End. This book is a must read for anyone that loves sci fi and fantasy.

  74. Wanda says:

    I have read all that Peter Watt has written, and enjoyed them immensely! Eagerly awaiting his next book.