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Five Minutes with L.A. Larkin, Author of our Weekend Read Devour

July 18, 2016

L. A. Larkin5 Minutes with L.A. Larkin

British-Australian thriller author, L.A. Larkin, has been likened to Michael Crichton and Matthew Reilly. The Genesis Flaw was nominated for four crime fiction awards and Thirst described as ‘the best Antarctic thriller since Ice Station’. Her latest book Devour is our recommended Weekend Read.

As a child my favourite book was . . .

The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis

Devour was inspired by . . .

A British expedition to Antarctica in 2012 led by Professor Martin Siegert, who kindly shared his adventures with me when I met up with him in the UK. He and his team were attempting to drill through three kilometres of ice to reach the subterranean Lake Ellsworth, hoping to discover new life. Despite a Herculean effort, they did not succeed in their mission. But their efforts begged the question: what if they had discovered life that threatened our existence?

Describe Devour in one sentence…

Investigative journalist, Olivia Wolfe, must uncover a terrifying truth buried deep beneath the Antarctic ice if she is to stop a man who would obliterate civilisation.

Devour cover wkend readThe best part of writing Devour was . . .

Spending time in Antarctica – the coldest, windiest, highest and driest place on Earth. Magical, beautiful and brutal.

When I’m not writing I . . .

Travel to research my books. As the next Olivia Wolfe thriller is partly set in Africa, I hope to return there. Many years ago I travelled overland from Kenya to South Africa.


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