Lockdown Life: Learning from Home

Lockdown Life: Learning from Home

Our hearts go out to all the families caught up in the NSW and VIC lockdown. It’s a tough time as everyone in the family adjusts to disrupted routines and new ways of doing things. We remember the previous lockdowns and the impact on family life. The impacts weren’t all negative, though the initial adjustments certainly were challenging.  Once we found our groove we rejoiced in the positives—the chance to slow our lives down, take time with each other, notice the little things that give us joyful moments in our day. Juggling WFH (work from home) with LFH ( learning from home) definitely tested the multi-tasking skills of parents! It also exposed the varied approaches of each child to the tasks at hand. 

We found some children raced through all their scheduled work in quick-smart time, while others procrastinated and dawdled through it at an excruciatingly slow rate. Whichever type of child you have, LFH won’t fill up every hour of their day, so other diversions are definitely necessary.

We’re here to help, with fresh reading suggestions and activities for all ages and abilities. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, Instagram posts and website; you’re sure to find plenty of tantalising diversions to keep children entertained once the schoolwork is completed. Fiction and facts—we’ve got it covered! Keep an eye out in the coming days for a list of entertaining educational reading suggestions. 

Did your child start learning from home this week? In NSW your school should provide your child’s lessons for the week. Here’s a suggested guide from the NSW Dept of Education for how much time to spend on learning from home for each stage.

Visit https://education.nsw.gov.au/parents-learning-at-home for more #LearnFromHome resources.


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