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Rural Romance Comes to Tamworth

January 14, 2016

emailThere’s a long history of classic love stories set in stunning, yet remote locations. Australia has its fair share of beautiful scenery, so it’s no surprise our landscape has inspired many a romance novel. Whether it’s the heavy heat of an outback station or the crisp fresh air of a hinterlands farm, there’s no better setting to explore the joy, pain and exquisite beauty of lust, love, and all things in between. The rural romance genre has blossomed over the last five years, focusing on small communities in regional Australia and the characters and romance that occur within the small towns. The genre is going from strength to strength and is now hugely popular.

Tamworth Library recognises the way that rural romance novels capture the miracle of love and the way it transforms loneliness and isolation into hope and happiness. Adding a little something different to the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Library will be hosting an event on Thursday, 21st January 2016 with three of Australia’s most accomplished rural romance writers- Mandy Magro, Tea Cooper and Sarah Barrie – to discuss their latest releases, as well as bringing stories of their writing inspirations.

mandy-magro_the-wildwood-sistersThe Wildwood Sisters by Mandy Magro

The past Renee Wildwood once ran from still haunts her…
Ten years ago, Renee’s twin sister Scarlet went missing. Although the case has long gone cold, everyday Renee hopes the person responsible will be found. She has since made a new life for herself in the city but fate intervenes when a family emergency forces her to face up to her fears and her painful memories.
Can she go back to Wildwood Acres, the one place her heart yearns to be but where her life may be in grave danger?
9781743693957_1115_HorseThief_MOCKUPThe Horse Thief by Tea Cooper
When India Kilhampton is caught up in the heart-stopping excitement of the first Melbourne Cup her mind is made up. She will breed a horse to win the coveted trophy and reunite her fractured family. Determined to make her dream a reality she advertises for a horse breeder.
Jim and India discover they share a common goal but as the secrets of the past unravel old enmities surface. Although betrayed, will India save Jim before he is branded a horse thief and sentenced to death?





9781760371333_0116_LegacyHuntersRidge_CVRLegacy of Hunter’s Ridge by Sarah Barrie

Successful horse trainer Alissa Morgan-Jones has the world at her feet, until a tragic fire destroys everything. Widowed, in debt and under suspicion for arson, Alissa’s life is in tatters. Her mother-in-law’s isolated farm gives her the opportunity to pull her life back together and get herself back on her feet.
Four years after fleeing the city and the scandal that ruined his career, disgraced lawyer Cameron Blakely has a successful new business and a new life. When his neighbour, Mavis Littleton is diagnosed with a terminal illness he volunteers to handle her affairs – and her farm until her daughter-in-law arrives to take over. When Alissa finally shows up,he’s drawn to her immediately. But there are secrets in both Alissa’s past and Hunters Ridge–secrets that jeopardise far more than Cameron’ s fledgling feelings. Lurking in the isolated wilderness is a danger that neither anticipates –but one that threatens everything: the town, their love, and their lives.

If you’re in Tamworth make sure you don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and get yourselves down to the Library!


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