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Street Library: Borrow a Book, Lend a Book

July 21, 2016

streetlibrary‘The more you read, the more things you will know… The more you learn, the more places you will go… ‘ Dr Seuss

What a wonderful idea! Street Library is encouraging the free sharing of books with these little weather-proof houses for books planted on people’s front fences – little libraries that are popping up at front yards all over Australia. The idea is that people can take a book – without the need to check in or out – or they can leave a book; it’s based on trust and community. The sticker on the boxes reads: ‘Street Library: Take a book. Give a book. Whatever. Enjoy!’

‘Books have the power to transport people to a different world, experience the impossible, and unlock people’s potential,’ says the Street Library website. ‘The hope is that one day, a little boy with no books in his house can pass by a local Street Library and discover a new world of opportunities.’

Their goal is bring neighbourhoods all over Australia closer together and to build  an Australian-based movement (the original Street Library originated in the US) that ‘motivates people to engage with their community in a positive and easy way.’

Street libraries - Facebook - Humans of Newtown - Copy‘When people take a book and leave a book, they create a cycle of generosity that allows them to share what they love with those around them,’ according to Street Library.

‘By participating in the Street Library movement, you too can help encourage reading, encourage sharing, and encourage community.’

Street Library Australia is a registered non-profit charity with workshops that enable people to get involved  in sharing books and promoting literacy. You can even learn to build a street library and the next event is this workshop in Sydney is this Sunday July 24.

You can find out more here:

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