Podcast: Anna Funder on The Importance of Story in Troubling Times #2

Podcast: Anna Funder on The Importance of Story in Troubling Times #2

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Acclaimed author of Stasiland, Anna Funder talks to Cheryl Akle about the public and private sides of the pandemic, and how women are crucial in these times, despite continued gender inequality.

About the author:

Anna Funder is one of Australia’s most acclaimed and celebrated writers. Her multi-award winning novel All That I Am was an homage to four extraordinary German anti-Hitler activists in exile in London in the 1930s. It won the Miles Franklin Prize, spent over one and a half years on the bestseller list, and is being made into a feature film. Anna’s Stasiland tells true stories of people who heroically resisted the communist dictatorship of East Germany, and of people who worked for the Stasi. A contemporary classic, Stasiland won the 2004 Samuel Johnson Prize for best non-fiction in English. Tom Hanks called it ‘fascinating, entertaining, hilarious, horrifying and very important’. Both books are international bestsellers, published in over 24 countries. Anna is a former DAAD Fellow in Berlin, Australia Council Fellow, and Rockefeller Foundation Fellow. She lives in Sydney.

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Podcast: Journey of a Literary Star with Anna Funder


15 February 2019

Podcast: Journey of a Literary Star with Anna Funder

    Publisher details

    Anna Funder
    Text Publishing
    Debut, Non Fiction
    01 January, 2001


    Truth can be stranger—and more fascinating—than fiction. Anna Funder tells extraordinary stories from the underbelly of the most perfected surveillance state of all time, the former East Germany.Funder meets Miriam, the sixteen-year-old who might have started World War III. She visits the regime’s cartographer, obsessed to this day with the Berlin Wall, then gets drunk with the legendary ‘Mik Jegger’ of the east, once declared by the authorities ‘no longer to exist’. And she finds spies and Stasi men, still loyal to the Firm as they wait for the next revolution.Stasiland is a lyrical, at times funny account of the courage some people found to withstand the dictatorship, and the consequences for those who collaborated. Funder explores the daily chaos and harsh beauty of Berlin, a place where some people are trying to remember, and others just as hard to forget.Stasiland is a brilliant debut by a prodigiously gifted writer.
    Anna Funder
    About the author

    Anna Funder

    Anna Funder is the author of the acclaimed All That I Am, winner of the 2012 Miles Franklin Literary Award, among other awards. Her first book, the internationally bestselling Stasiland, won the 2004 Samuel Johnson Prize and was published in twenty countries and translated into sixteen languages. Anna Funder is a former DAAD and Rockefeller Foundation Fellow. She grew up in Melbourne and Paris and now lives in New York with her husband and family.

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