Podcast: Guru’s Top Health Tips with Michael Mosley

Podcast: Guru’s Top Health Tips with Michael Mosley

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Dr Michael Mosley, international bestselling author and ‘gut health guru’ joins Cheryl Akle to discuss his latest book, The Fast 800. Together they talk about how the modern diet has changed over the past 30 years, and the everyday healthy choices that we can make to improve our lives.

Podcast Guest: Michael Mosley

Dr. Michael Mosley is the author of the international bestsellers The Clever Guts Diet and The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet, and is coauthor of the international bestseller The Fast Diet with Mimi Spencer. He is also coauthor of Fast Exercise with Peta Bee and wrote the foreword for The Fast Diet Cookbook by Mimi Spencer and Dr Sarah Schenker, and wrote the introduction to The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet Recipe Book by Dr Clare Bailey and Dr Sarah Schenker. Dr Mosley trained to be a doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in London before joining the BBC, where he has been a science journalist, executive producer, and, more recently, a well-known television personality. He has won numerous television awards, including a Royal Television Award, and was named Medical Journalist of the Year by the British Medical Association.

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Publisher details

The Fast 800
Dr Michael Mosley
Simon and Schuster
Non Fiction
04 January, 2019


The ultimate guide to fasting, weight loss and long-term good health The culmination of dr mosley’s bestselling dieting trilogy Features revelatory new science with a higher 800-calorie limitSix years ago, Dr Michael Mosley started a health revolution with The 5.2 Fast Diet, telling the world about the incredible power of intermittent fasting.In this book he brings together all the latest science (including a new approach: Time Restricted Eating) to create an easy-to-follow programme.Recent studies have shown that 800 calories is the magic number when it comes to successful dieting – it’s an amount high enough to be manageable but low enough to speed weight loss and trigger a range of desirable metabolic changes.Depending on your goals, you can choose how intensively you want to do the programme: how many 800-calorie days to include each week, and how to adjust these as you progress.Along with delicious, low-carb recipes and menu plans by Dr Clare Bailey, The Fast 800 offers a flexible way to help you lose weight, improve mood and reduce blood pressure, inflammation and blood sugars.Take your future health into your own hands.


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