Podcast: Ruby Hamad on White Women’s Tears

Podcast: Ruby Hamad on White Women’s Tears

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Ruby Hamad talks to Cheryl Akle about white women’s tears, and the brown scars they leave in this confronting episode, a reality check for the privileged position of the white woman.

About the author:

Ruby Hamad is a Lebanese-Syrian journalist and author who was raised in Australia. Hamad’s work has appeared in Fairfax media, The Guardian, Prospect Magazine, and The New Arab. She is currently a PhD candidate in media and postcolonial studies at the University of New South Wales. She was a contributor to Defiant Daughters (2013).

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  1. Judith Cable says:

    My God you are so full of hate Ruby. I remember you 23 years ago in Canada when you were turning your back on your own Lebanese culture. You even hated your “Lebanese” nose and changed it!!! I find your hypocrisy hideous. Do you not remember?????? I’m disgusted that you continue to perpetrate YOUR ideas of hatred instead of trying to bridge the gaps that were made in past. The past had nothing to with the “privileged hurt white woman” of today and your argument does not stand. Address whatever issues you have with your own past. Get off our backs. We didn’t do anything to you.