A Heart-Warming Rural Romance: Read an Extract from Clouds on the Horizon by Penelope Janu

A Heart-Warming Rural Romance: Read an Extract from Clouds on the Horizon by Penelope Janu

Stripes of silver hang in the air and rivers of water crisscross the track, but Camelot, black as the clouds, treads confidently over the uneven ground. Leaning forward in the saddle, I stroke his rain-soaked neck. I breathe in eucalyptus and the dampness of the earth.

My face is wet, as is the hair that’s come loose from my plait. Between the tops of my knee-high boots and the leg flaps of my oilskin coat, my jodhpurs are sodden. I run a finger inside my collar and re-fasten a press stud, shivering as we skirt around the tree roots. Notwithstanding my gloves, pins and needles prickle my fingers as I clench and unclench my hands. When I push Camelot into a trot, my body warms, but the wind is cold on my cheeks.

Camelot, as happy as a platypus swimming in a stream, breaks into a canter at the top of the rise, and I laugh as I pull him back. ‘Not today, boy.’

A rumble of thunder sounds in the distance as we pass Mr Riley’s shearing shed and sheep pens. The water tank is shrouded in mist. When Camelot shies, edging off the path and into the bush, I increase the pressure on my outside leg to bring him back to the track…

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Publisher details

Clouds on the Horizon
Penelope Janu
HQ Fiction
05 January, 2022


Will a misunderstanding and past trauma stand in the way of profound attraction? Immovable determination meets irresistible charm in this delightful rural romance from an award-winning and much-loved author - for readers of Rachael Johns, Karly Lane and Fleur McDonald.When Phoebe Cartwright finds Sinn Tørrissen, a naval officer and meteorologist, frozen half to death in the middle of a thunderstorm, she believes she's saved his life. Sinn, unfailingly competent and infuriatingly arrogant, disagrees. In Phoebe's small country town to track down the members of an illegal horse-racing syndicate, the last thing he needs is to become entangled with Phoebe.A much-loved member of her community, the prickly and independent Phoebe is used to solving other people's problems. So when she learns her younger sister could be implicated in their father's dishonest accounting for the syndicate, she insists on working with Sinn to uncover the truth.Sinn is both confused and entranced by the passionate Phoebe and in spite of her resistance, Phoebe finds herself drawn to him. But Phoebe is determined to protect her sister above all, and the secrets she cannot tell Sinn threaten to sweep his investigation - and their romance - way off course.With clouds building on the horizon, can Phoebe and Sinn weather the gale and find in each other a shelter from the storm?
Penelope Janu
About the author

Penelope Janu

Penelope Janu lives on the coast in northern Sydney with six wonderful children and a distracting husband. She enjoys exploring the Australian countryside and dreaming up travelling and hiking breaks. A lawyer for many years, she has a passion for social justice, and the natural environment. Whether coastal or rural, Penelope's novels celebrate Australian characters and communities. Her first novel, In at the Deep End, was published by Harlequin in 2017, and her second, On the Right Track, in 2018. Nothing makes Penelope happier as a writer than readers falling in love with her smart and adventurous heroines and heroes.

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