Chasing Her Dreams: Read an Extract from Kate Langbroek’s Ciao Bella!

Chasing Her Dreams: Read an Extract from Kate Langbroek’s Ciao Bella!

There is a lot of talk in this world about making dreams come true.

Dare to dream, we are told. Chase your dreams. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Well, in 2016 I had a dream. My dream – shared so fully and immediately with my husband Peter Lewis that neither of us can remember the moment we actually formulated it – was to live in Italy for a year. For us it meant a circuit breaker; an adventure; a chance to spend more time with our four children – Lewis, Sunday, Artie and Jannie – in a country we had been swept away by since our first visit in 2015.

But all dreams dissolve in waking hours and when uttered aloud in the stark light of day suddenly seem like madness. We didn’t speak Italian. We knew no one in Italy; in fact, we had only been in the country for a few weeks on rose-tinted, aperol-spritz-toasting, basilscented holidays. My parents hated the idea. I also had the best job in the world: hosting a top-rating afternoon drive radio show with my friend and colleague of eighteen years, Dave Hughes – in Australia. Not in Italy. As for the children, by the time we planned to leave on our grand adventure, two of them – Lewis and Sunday – would be teenagers, reluctant to uproot their lives, and leave all they knew.

So what we swiftly discovered was this: the world doesn’t necessarily share your dream.

This is the story of an Australian family making their way across the world to a foreign land, trying to find an apartment, a car, a supermarket, a basketball team, a school, a cafe that would serve them a cappuccino after 11am (no milka after morning!) and – hopefully – their place in a foreign place…

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Deliciously Funny and Inspiring: Read Our Review of Kate Langbroek’s Ciao Bella!

Review | Our Review

23 November 2021

Deliciously Funny and Inspiring: Read Our Review of Kate Langbroek’s Ciao Bella!

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      Publisher details

      Ciao Bella!
      Kate Langbroek
      Simon and Schuster
      Non Fiction
      04 November, 2021


      When Kate Langbroek first dreamed of moving to Italy, she imagined a magnificent sun-drenched pastiche of long lunches and wandering through cobbled laneways clutching a loaf of crusty bread and a bottle of wine, Sophia Loren-style, while handsome men called out ‘Ciao Bella!’

      In the stark light of day the dream Kate shared with her husband Peter after an idyllic holiday in Italy seemed like madness. They didn’t speak Italian. They knew no one in Italy. They had four children. Kate also had the best job in the world on a top-rating radio show with her longtime friend, Dave Hughes.

      But the siren song of Italy was irresistible. This would be the adventure of a lifetime, a precious opportunity to spend more time with their children – Lewis, Sunday, Artie and Jannie – and it came from a deep well inside to seize life after they almost lost Lewis to leukaemia.

      Ciao Bella! is about having a dream and living it as Kate shares the sublime joys and utter chaos of adapting to a new life in Bologna, what you discover about yourself when you are a stranger in a strange land, and how she fell in love.

      With a country.

      Deliciously funny, irreverent, inspiring and often deeply moving, Ciao Bella! is Kate’s love letter to Italy and her family. It is also a glorious reminder of what Italians can teach us about living life to the full – and what really matters when the world goes to hell in a handbasket.

      Kate Langbroek
      About the author

      Kate Langbroek

      Kate Langbroek is one of Australia’s most beloved media personalities. Her ferocious wit, playfulness and irreverence have made her an audience favourite in a career that has spanned prime time television, top-rating breakfast and drivetime radio, acting, scriptwriting and journalism. Kate first came to our attention on Triple R in the mid-1990s and then as a regular on The Panel, one of Network Ten’s longest-running shows. She went on to guest on other popular shows like Thank God You're Here and Dancing with the Stars. In 2001 Kate helped catapult start-up radio station Nova 100 to instant ratings success. Along with co-host Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes, Kate continued her stellar radio career on SCA’s Hit! Network and is  now on the ARN Network. She broadcasts nationally every weekday on KIIS FM’s 3pm Pick-Up and is a regular guest on Channel 10’s The Project. While juggling a frenetic career, marriage and parenthood, Kate and her husband Peter decided to make life even more interesting by packing up their four kids and moving to Bologna in Italy. The result is Kate’s first book, Ciao Bella! Six Take Italy.

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