Bush magic: Read another chapter from Aussie Kids: Meet Eve in the Outback

Bush magic: Read another chapter from Aussie Kids: Meet Eve in the Outback

Chapter 2

Bush magic

Nan and Will arrived on the late bus. There was hardly time for a hug before bed. Eve was disappointed but

the next morning Nan came and woke her up. She kissed Eve’s nose.

“Let’s go and show Will the car graveyard! ” she said excitedly.

Eve wasn’t sure. She thought Will would want to do something more exciting.

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Publisher details

Aussie Kids: Meet Eve In The Outback
Karen Blair, Raewyn Caisley
Children’s Fiction
31 March, 2020


Aussie Kids is an exciting new series for emerging readers 6-8 years.From a NSW Zoo to a Victorian lighthouse, or an outback sheep farm in WA to a beach in QLD, this junior fiction series celebrates stories about children living in unique places in every state in Australia.8 characters, 8 stories, 8 authors and illustrators from all 8 states and territories!Come on an adventure with Aussie Kids and meet Eve from Western Australia.Hi! I'm Eve. I live at a roadhouse in the Nullarbor. We don't get many visitors. But today my cousin Will is coming. We'll have so much fun!
Karen Blair
About the author

Karen Blair

Karen grew up in Perth, Western Australia. She made her first picture book when she was nine for a Year 5 project, and by the time she was in her 20s and living in the UK, she knew it was her dream to continue. She now lives in Fremantle with her husband and two cats and works part-time as a primary art teacher. Recent titles include CBCA Honour Book With Nan, written by Tania Cox; Granny Grommet and Me by Dianne Wolfer; Baby Beats andBaby Animal Farm, both of which were written and illustrated by Karen.

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Raewyn Caisley
About the author

Raewyn Caisley

Raewyn Caisley was born in New Zealand but has lived in Australia for the past twenty years, in Fremantle, WA, with her husband Terry and their son Jack. Raewyn is the author of books for younger readers that include bestselling Aussie Bites and Nibbles titles such as Monkey TrixThe Big WavesThe Mermaid's Tail and Tai's Penguin, and The Queen's Cubby. She is also the author of junior sports fiction titles Not Cricket, In Union, Karate StarTennis Star, Great Lead, Hot Shot and Top Marks.Hello From Nowhere was inspired by the year she and her husband lived in the outback. That was the year she discovered there are still places on earth where animals will come and look at you because they haven't learned to be afraid, where you can leave a footprint in the dirt and it will stay there until it rains (which could be a long time), and where people can have more remarkable adventures than any writer could ever dream up!

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