Dark, Mysterious and Atmospheric: Read an Extract of Sargasso by Kathy George

Dark, Mysterious and Atmospheric: Read an Extract of Sargasso by Kathy George

My hands are bandaged, but otherwise I am uninjured. Outwardly, there’s nothing wrong with me. I have heard them say it is a miracle we are both alive, particularly Tristan.

The last thing I remember is the screaming. I remember that because I wasn’t the one doing it. It wasn’t Tristan or Flint, either. It was the house. Sargasso. The house was screaming, keening like wind flung helpless into the sky on a hot day.

They have given me a laptop, not a pen and paper. The doctor said it would be less painful to type with one finger than to hold a pen. But I expect the real reason is that they are afraid of what I might do with a pen. I heard him tell the nurse—when you don’t talk people assume you are deaf as well as mute—that the laptop is important because it gives me the means to communicate in case I want to get it off my chest. And I suppose this is what I am doing here, although I am not sure what the point is. They didn’t believe me when I was a child, why should they believe me now?

I have a bed, and a chair, and my own bathroom. I had an IV drip too, but they have taken that away now. The room is small but it has a window high up on one wall, cracked ajar, just enough to let in a little light from the outside world. And a little air.

And this evening after dinner, I thought I smelt the sea. I thought I smelt Sargasso, too, in the ashes blowing towards me…

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Your Preview Verdict: Sargasso by Kathy George

Review | Preview

11 February 2021

Your Preview Verdict: Sargasso by Kathy George

    Sargasso by Kathy George is an Enthralling Australian Gothic Page-Turner

    Review | Our Review

    2 February 2021

    Sargasso by Kathy George is an Enthralling Australian Gothic Page-Turner

      Publisher details

      Kathy George
      HQ Fiction
      03 February, 2021


      An empty house, a lonely shore, an enigmatic, brooding man-child waiting for her return ... a trip to the dark lands of Australian Gothic, for readers of Kate Morton and Hannah Richell. Last night I dreamt I went to Sargasso again ... As a child, Hannah lived at Sargasso, the isolated beachside home designed by her father, a brilliant architect. A lonely, introverted child, she wanted no company but that of Flint, the enigmatic boy who no one else ever saw ... and who promised he would always look after her. Hannah's idyllic childhood at Sargasso ended in tragedy, but now as an adult she is back to renovate the house, which she has inherited from her grandmother. Her boyfriend Tristan visits regularly but then, amid a series of uncanny incidents, Flint reappears ... and as his possessiveness grows, Hannah's hold on the world begins to lapse. What is real and what is imaginary, or from beyond the grave? 
      Kathy George
      About the author

      Kathy George

      Kathy George was born in South Africa and has since lived in Namibia, New Zealand, and Australia. A hopeless romantic, she fell in love with Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier as a teenager and includes Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations among her favourite books. She has worked as a legal assistant, but her true enthusiasm has always been for writing, and she holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Australian Gothic literature from the Queensland University of Technology. Kathy lives in Brisbane and Sargasso is her first novel.

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