Meet Ned the nit: Read another chapter from Nit Boy by Tristan Bancks

Meet Ned the nit: Read another chapter from Nit Boy by Tristan Bancks

NIT BOY by Tristan Bancks

Chapter Two: The Golden Child

Deep within the forest of Lewis Snow’s hair something very exciting was happening. A nit was hatching. His name was Ned. And he wasn’t just any nit.

Ned’s egg was filled with gas. He’d been breathing air in through his shell for a week and passing that air out through his backside. The build-up of putrid gas finally forced Ned’s front end through the tip of the egg, cracking the tiny, grey shell. This is how all nits are born. Disgusting but true.

Ned was very relieved to be free. A crowd had descended from the hair canopy to the scalp to witness this extraordinary event. They held their breath as Ned crawled into the light and plopped onto Lewis’s scalp.

Ned’s eyes fluttered open. The first thing he saw was a sea of repulsive lice-faces staring at him.Terrifying. Then the crowd erupted, snapping their claws together in applause – silent to human ears but almost deafening to a nit.

Ned’s father, Keith, was the Head Louse. Ned watched his dad climb onto a slippery nit egg, glued to the bottom of a hair shaft, and address the crowd.

‘Thank you for being here, people. I mean nits. Until this moment, we lice have had to crawl from head to head like primitives. Our legs have not been fit for jumping. But those days are behind us. No longer do we have to wait for these nitwit humans to put their heads together or swap hats so that we can travel. May I present to you Ned – the first ever jumping louse!’

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Feeling itchy?  Read a chapter from Nit Boy by Tristan Bancks

Review | Extract

9 July 2020

Feeling itchy? Read a chapter from Nit Boy by Tristan Bancks

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Publisher details

Nit Boy
Heath McKenzie, Tristan Bancks
Children’s Fiction, Fiction
02 July, 2020


It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry. It’ll make you itch.Meet Lewis Snow. He has the worst case of nits in world history. Everyone wants him to shave his head. But Lewis thinks of his nits as pets. He’s determined to keep his hair and his nits, whatever it takes.Ned lives on Lewis’s head. He’s the first-ever jumping nit. His dad wants Ned to help nits take over the world. But Ned likes it on Lewis’s head. Ned’s vegan and hates the taste of human blood.And you thought you had problems.Two Nit Boy stories in one book!
Tristan Bancks
About the author

Tristan Bancks

Tristan Bancks tells stories for the page and screen. His books for kids and teens include Two Wolves, The Fall, Detention and the Tom Weekly series. Two Wolves won Honour Book in the 2015 Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards and was shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards. The Fall was a CBCA Notable Book and shortlisted for the Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature. Tristan’s books have also been recognised in multiple children’s choice awards. Tristan is a writer-ambassador for literacy charity Room to Read. He is currently working with producers to develop several of his books for the screen. He’s excited by the future of storytelling and inspiring others to create. You can find out more about Tristan’s books, play games, watch videos, chat to the author and help him try to change the world at

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