Take a Sneak Peek at Andrew Cotter’s Very Funny, Olive, Mabel & Me

Take a Sneak Peek at Andrew Cotter’s Very Funny, Olive, Mabel & Me

When asked to name your favourite year, I’m not sure that 2020 would be high on anybody’s list. The CEO of Zoom might disagree, perhaps sailing around the Caribbean on his yacht pulled by a fleet of swans. But almost everybody else who has lived through it will have very distinct memories of the deep unpleasant- ness – lockdown lost jobs, strained relationships and even worse. And above all, the overriding oddness as our lives were utterly transformed by a global pandemic. For me, that feeling was only heightened by something I brought upon myself in the spring, as I somehow fashioned our entirely unwitting Labradors, Olive and Mabel, into viral stars of the internet.

In my normal job (which, admittedly, is not particularly normal) I am a sports broadcaster – commentating on all manner of events, mainly for the BBC, but really for anybody who will employ me. It is a hugely enjoyable profession and one that I am very fortunate to do – travelling around, describing the action in golf, rugby, tennis, athletics and other major events besides. But it does rather depend on sport actually taking place, which has never been an issue. Until this strange year of 2020.

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A Fabulous Dog's Tale: Read our Review of Olive, Mabel & Me by Andrew Cotter

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15 October 2020

A Fabulous Dog's Tale: Read our Review of Olive, Mabel & Me by Andrew Cotter

    Publisher details

    Olive, Mabel and Me
    Andrew Cotter
    Text Publishing
    Non Fiction
    15 October, 2020


    When Andrew Cotter turned his brilliant sports commentary skills from Wimbledon, the Olympics and the US Masters to lockdown contests and life online involving his two Labradors, Olive and Mabel, the result was an internet sensation. The series of videos has been viewed well over fifty million times on social media, giving comfort to locked-down dog owners and spectacle-deprived sports fans all over the world.In Olive, Mabel & Me, Andrew tells the truth about his two canine celebrities. This is the full story of their rise to stardom, revealing more about how all three of them find peace and happiness away from the hectic world of the media, most often in the mountains. And also just how much Olive dislikes the cat next door.Above all, though, this is a book about the love we all have for our dogs, the companionship and pure joy we get from sharing our lives with them. And the love and affection they give back to us, which is in no way related to us providing a near-constant supply of food and walks. Beautifully written, touching and laugh-out-loud funny, Olive, Mabel & Me is a treat for dog lovers everywhere.
    Andrew Cotter
    About the author

    Andrew Cotter

    Andrew Cotter is one of the most recognisable voices in sports broadcasting. Cotter is one of the leading commentators on the BBC’s golf, rugby, tennis and athletics coverage. He started his career in local radio in Scotland before moving to the BBC in London in 2000. He has also worked for Sky, BT Sport, ITV, Channel 4, ESPN and Eurosport. When not covering some of the world’s great sporting events, he’s usually up a mountain with his dogs.

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