The Cake Maker’s Wish by Josephine Moon: Your Preview Verdict

The Cake Maker’s Wish by Josephine Moon: Your Preview Verdict

When single mum Olivia uproots her young son Darcy from their life in Tasmania for a new start in the English Cotswolds, she isn’t exactly expecting a bed of roses – but nor is she prepared for the challenges that life in the picturesque village throws her way.

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It takes a village…so single mum and cake maker Olivia, moves from her lonely home in Tasmania to the perfect environs of golden Cotswold village Stoneden, to raise her son Darcy and investigate family connections of long ago. There she re-unites with lost love Helge and meets new love Grayson, as well as immersing herself in her dream career of baking and designing. With a cast of well-developed characters, a picturesque setting and heart-warming relationships, the complications abound as the new arrivals in the village are pitted against the old guard. This poignant story has it all.  I particularly loved reading about the relationship between Olivia and Darcy and watching Darcy bloom in his new home. The subplot of celebrity and social media, as well as the references to current lifestyle trends, movies and games, place this story in the here and now. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, another of Josephine Moon’s wonderful, well-paced stories. – Fiona, NSW, 5 stars

Olivia (The Cake Maker from the title) moves from Tassie to The Cotswolds, hoping to trace her family history. Returning to the land of your forefathers is a bit of a change to the usual emigration story… I really liked Olivia and her adorable sounding son Darcy, and was all for her wish of a new start in a new land. It’s a sweet book with all the mandatory amount of drama, and engagingly written, making village life sound enticingly appealing… – Ayesha, NSW, 5 stars

Josephine Moon’s The Cake Maker’s Wish is a wonderful, heartwarming story that sweeps you up in a warm embrace and whisks you away from the daily grind. Wonderful, real and imperfect characters, including my favourite Grayson, of course. A gorgeous setting for some armchair travel and a heartwarming ending. The perfect read to go with a cup of tea and one of Olivia’s cakes by the fire!  – Imogen, VIC, 5 stars

It took me a while to start the book but once I did I was hooked. I read it over two days and at the end realised that hope and making things work are all up to you.  Realising that your dreams are important and what you need to achieve these are not always what is the “right” thing to do.  I love the sound of a small village life where do I sign up. – Michelle, SA, 5 stars

Farmer Grayson! You will fall in love with him. I hope he gets his own book, prequel or sequel. This was a happy, easy, delightful, heartwarming, lightweight read but it also makes you think. I found myself getting quite attached to Olivia and Darcy and it’s one of those books you don’t want to finish cause you don’t want it to end.  It’s intriguing how a past tragedy keeps effecting characters, you can really relate to this aspect. This is the first Josephine Moon book I’ve read and now I’m absolutely a huge fan. Thank you for a gorgeous read. – Penny, NSW, 5 stars

This is a feel-good book which will appeal to women of all ages.  The characters are well-rounded, varying ages and, for the most part, likeable.  Some of the text about baking made my mouth water as I read it and I just wanted to move to the little village which is the setting for the story! Secrets from the past are cleverly interwoven through the storyline with a few clues and guesses along the way. I was rooting for Olivia and her little boy, Darcy, and found the story went along just as I would have wanted for them. The epilogue was very satisfying – no loose ends which has seen me slam more books shut after reading than necessary.  Thank you for the opportunity to review! – Fiona, QLD, 5 stars

Dare I say it …. this book is simply delicious, from its charming English village setting to its delightful cast of characters. The cover itself is divine; I quickly became absorbed in the lives of cake maker Olivia and her young son as they move from Tasmania and settle into their new life in the village.  Olivia is part of The Renaissance Project and is one of several migrants to open a business in an attempt to bring the village back to life. The story follows the highs and lows they experience as they try to bring the community together.  This touching story had everything: heartwarming friendships, humour, intrigue as Olivia traces her family history and romance as she navigates a tricky love triangle.  I adored this uplifting story, it was such an enjoyable read and left me smiling long after I’d read the last page. I am excited to now read Josephine Moon’s earlier novels. Thank you to Better Reading and Penguin Random House Australia for the opportunity to review this delightful book. – Kim, VIC, 5 stars

“First rule of small villages” Grayson said. “Everyone knows everything”.   The Cake Maker’s Wish had me from the start with the central character Olivia and her son, Darcy moving from Australia to The Cotswolds for a fresh start. It seriously got me to thinking – was I able to do a similar thing? Olivia’s strength and determination is softened by her uncertainty of who her heart belongs to and I loved that I felt myself too being uncertain who she should build a future with. This is a well written novel that has deep relationships between the characters showing their sorrows, challenges and joys allowing the reader to see both sides of this story. I especially enjoyed this book as I felt the author had me being chased with Olivia by a bull, feeling the emotions of “what ifs”, the joy of success, the worry that comes with loving your child so much it hurts, at times homesick and at other moments on top of the world. I highly recommend The Cake Maker’s Wish to anyone who enjoys a good read that takes you through the roller coaster that is life. – Cathy, NSW, 5 stars

Life is about the decisions we make from the choices we have. For Olivia and son Darcy the chance to move to the other side of the world is exciting, creating new opportunities, new friends, new home, new business and a new life. Darcy will finally meet his father and Olivia can determine her feelings for her former love. As anyone who undergoes momentous change can attest to this move and it’s challenges will try both. The Cake Maker’s Wish is absolutely relatable, the characters and landscape familiar and honest. Olivia has named her business Rambling Rose, a cake shop I’d love to visit! I recommend a coffee and something home baked whilst reading. – Rita, SA, 5 stars

Reading this novel is like slicing through, and taking a big bite out of, one of the elaborate multilayered cakes created by Olivia. She’s a single mum, and baker extraordinaire, on a mission to explore her roots and reconnect her son, Darcy, with his father. But, you don’t always get exactly what you wish for – sometimes you get a whole lot more. While there is a healthy dollop of butter cream-frosted romance, the novel is an insightful exploration of a mother and son searching for their roots and a place to call home. There are highs and lows, with laughter, tears and suspense.  Olivia’s mother left the English Cotswolds village of Stoneden in the 1960s to start a new life in Australia. She wasn’t the only one to leave and the village has fallen on hard times. Olivia and Darcy join a cast of quirky characters, gathered from around the globe, as part of an experiment to revitalise the ‘dying’ village. In the process, they must navigate the pitfalls of local politics to stamp their claim on a new life. – Janet, SA, 5 stars

The Cake Maker’s Wish by Josephine Moon is a highly entertaining book which I found difficult to put down. It had just the right mix of mystery, intrigue and drama, baked to perfection with a dash of romance for the icing. At first I thought it was to be a book for the ‘girls’ but after reading it I had to admit it is a good read for the whole family.  Spanning generations and locations over half the world was a gentle reminder of the vast diversity of people and cultures which makes up parts of this fantastic world we live in and the sometimes-underlying prejudices and friendships between us. A clear message of care and compassion makes the world a much better place, especially with coffee and cake.  – Terry, SA, 5 stars

The Cake Maker’s Wish was a great read. I love stories about strong women and their journeys through life. The author paints in-depth pictures of her characters and settings with precision and makes you feel you are there. Her characters are brought to life, warts  and all, with clarity and empathy. Whilst sad in places I found it an uplifting story of real life. – Melinda, NSW, 5 stars

I was pulled into Olivia and her son Darcy’s life as they arrive in the small village of Stoneden in the Cotswolds after leaving Tasmania for a new start as part of a Renaissance Project to bring life back to the dying village. What a massive step for her to have taken, to move to the other side of the world with her young son, knowing no one and not knowing if the project will work out, I thought Olivia was very brave to do this. But after her grandmother’s death, she needs a fresh start and an extra incentive is her son’s father, who lives in Norway. These two have never met and their whole relationship is based around skype videos, this is the chance for them to hopefully forge some kind of real relationship.  There are quite a few wonderful characters who have also moved to Stoneden for this project, all for different reasons and most having a past link to the village. For Olivia it is her grandmother who grew up there and then moved to Australia. Olivia would love to find out more about her life, but there are plenty of secrets in Stoneden and they won’t be shared easily.   Not everyone is happy about the newcomers to the village, for various reasons, and some make this felt more than others. There are some very underhanded events that occur to the newcomers’ businesses, making them feel unwelcome and even scared. I really felt for these people who are only trying to make a new start and help the village become alive again.    Olivia and Darcy make some wonderful friends, as well as there being a potential love interest in a dairy farmer. There’s also complications that arise with Darcy’s dad.    There’s so much to love about this novel, from misunderstandings about cake ownership, to stolen apples, friendship and secrets, hope for the future, and holding on to the past, this novel has it all. – Claire, WA, 5 stars

The Cake Maker’s Wish by Josephine Moon is a delight to read just like all her other novels. It’s a touching story about family, friendship and romance and the scenes with cakes are definitely mouth-watering! Highly recommended! – Jenny, VIC, 5 stars

The Cake Maker’s Wish is the latest sweet treat of Australian author Josephine Moon. It is a delightful story about a mum Olivia and her young son Darcy relocating from Tasmania to begin a new life in a Cotswold village. The move is an opportunity for Olivia to investigate family mysteries as well as being closer to Darcy’s Norwegian father. Under the auspices of the “Stoneden Renaissance Project” she opens “Rambling Rose Fine Cakes” delivering her delectable delights to townspeople and tourists. Their new life is not all plain sailing as a group of discontented villagers attempt to derail the success of the project, jeopardizing the plans of the “imports”.   This book is enjoyable and very easy to read, the descriptions of the cakes, village and people are brilliant and breathe life into the story. The love that Olivia has for her son and grandmother is at the core of the story but Olivia also finds herself in a romantic quandary and at the centre of a media frenzy. The small village holds answers to secrets relating to Olivia’s ancestry as well as a solution to the bullying that her gentle son suffered in Tasmania. – Janelle, NSW, 5 stars

The Cake Maker’s Wish is a beautiful story of hope, starting over, friendship and love. – Heather, NSW, 5 stars

I have previously read several Josephine Moon’s books and was excited to read her latest offering.  While I found the premise of moving from Tasmania to the Cotswolds in England on a whim a little bit of a stretch, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  There are twists and turns that keep the reader interested and not everything is as it seems.  Single mother Olivia who was looking for something new in her life certainly finds it when joins the ‘Renaissance Project’ that aims to bring life back into the town of Stoneham in the English Cotswolds.  She and her young son Darcy leave behind everything they know and move to the other side of the world.  This move throws up a lot of challenges and brings many changes to their lives.  The town and its people have their own issues and into this comes a new group of residents who are welcomed by some and abhorred by others.  The novel explores Olivia’s life as she faces the challenges and changes to her life and to stay true to her beliefs. I enjoyed this novel immensely and would recommend it to all readers.     – Janine, VIC, 5 stars

This is my first book I have read by Josephine Moon. Olivia takes you on a journey about making a fresh start and finding her family heritage.  I found The Cake Maker’s Wish to be an easy and enjoyable read.   Small acts of kindness really do go along way. – Brownwyn, VIC,  5 stars

I loved this book. I loved the all the characters including the quirky. I found myself agreeing or disagreeing and sometimes changed my mind totally.The authors way of writing lets me loose myself in the story and was easy to feel as if you are there. The story was not predictable with lots of little surprises human nature being what it is.  Thanks you for the opportunity of reading and reviewing this great story – Jo-Anne, TAS, 5 stars

I was lucky enough to win a free copy of this book as a pre release to do a review on and can honestly say I very much enjoyed it. Probably not something I’d previously have picked for myself but I’ll definitely read more from this author. It was a cozy, happy read about a single mum and her son who relocate from Tasmania to a village in England. Just the right amount of drama, romance and fun. A beautiful, delicious read that left me feeling great! – Lisa, QLD, 5 stars

The Cake Maker’s Wish by Josephine Moon was a wonderful read.  From start to finish it had me intrigued and invested completely in the lives of the characters and their ups and downs throughout the whole book.  Was a very hard read to put down as you just had to know how it all finished.  Thank you Josephine Moon for another amazing book.  – Jodie, NSW, 5 stars

Josephine Moon’s novel focuses on family and friendship in a sweet, imaginative and very detailed way, with a hint of secrets and love. Also, with hints of very important issues in the world, such as #MeToo movement and Womens equal rights . Olivia and her son, Darcy, move to  English Cotswolds to make a fresh start and to feel closer to her Ma’s past who has passed away. While trying to find her roots she makes interesting and important relationships along the way as well as finding out where she belongs.  From the the start you are transported to a little cottage in English Cotswolds and a cake shop that smells and sounds like family and friendship. It is cosy, sweet and inviting, making it difficult for you to leave.  The novel is very inviting and joyful to read. Throughout I wasn’t sure of what the main wish was. Too much detail in some parts eg. Baking steps (maybe put recipes in the back of the book), and explanations of cakes and outfits of characters. Too many characters to remember.     Overall, a nice and very enjoyable read. This novel is a breath of fresh air. – Arrisarne, VIC, 5 stars

The Cake Maker’s Wish is an absorbing, captivating read, following the journey of Olivia and her son Darcy to the charming English Cotswolds. Finding their place within a small village of interesting and diverse characters, is challenging, as they tussle to prove their rightful place in the community. Olivia is staunch in her mission to succeed and unravel her past whilst exposing heart and soul to build friendships, connect with family and establish her business. A touch of romance threaded throughout the story adds to the appeal, suspense and longing for belonging. It is a story of determination and strength to achieve a life with meaning within a community. A heart warming, pleasurable read. Highly recommend. – Rosalie, SA, 5 stars

The Cake Maker’s Wish was my introduction to Josephine Moon.  I really enjoyed the story, the characters were relatable and the Cotswolds was a lovely setting.  I read the book over a couple of days and was a little upset when I finished.  I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to enjoy more books from this author – Susan, NSW, 5 stars

I was so excited to read The Cake Makers Wish.  I have read all her novels and this one didn’t disappoint.  When Olivia loses her grandmother and the only family she has in Australia, the Renaissance Project to bring relatives back to Stoneden in the Cotswolds to revive the community, couldn’t have come at a better time.  Olivia and her son Darcy head off for a new start and to be closer to Darcy’s father in Norway.  However not all the residents are happy about the project.  A beautiful tale of friendships, family lost and family found, romance, a wedding and lots of cakes. – Nicole, VIC, 5 stars

Pastry chef Olivia Kent and her young son, Darcy leave their lives in Tasmania for what they hope will be a better future in Stoneden, the dying Cotswold village determined to resurrect itself by reverse emigration. Does all of Stoneden agree? Will their welcome be unanimous? Will the Renaissance succeed? Mouth-watering and a little mysterious Josephine Moon’s latest novel will have you smiling, welling up with tears, preheating the oven and digging out the cake tins, or at least the cake forks. This is Moon at her best! – Marianne, NSW, 5 stars

If you were given the chance to move across the world to make a new family and find your family ancestry, would you?    Olivia took her son Darcy from Tasmania to England and started a new life in an area they called The Renaissance Project, to help rebuild an old town.   Slowly she was finding out things about her family history. Was this what she really expected??  I loved this book and read it in 3 days, great read from start to finish. – Sue, NSW, 5 stars

The Cake Maker’s Wish by Josephine Moon  I have copies of all Josephine Moons novels and this one did not disappoint.    The research is impeccable, this story starts in Richmond Tasmania and having lived there for 7 years the sections of the book that were set in Richmond were so accurate I could see the stories playing out before my eyes.   The characters were honest to goodness people you could imagine being best friends with in real life.  The themes within the story are so much a part of everyday life that it was amazing and kept me wanting to turn the page. Often we wish we could have a fresh start in life and Olivia found hers.   Themes including rejuvenating a village, a bit of romance, a celebrity wedding, parenting themes pertinent to this day and age, and of course the odd disgruntled person who could throw a spanner in the works (don’t we all know at least one of those).   I loved the flow of the narrative keeping the reader spellbound (true in my case) I especially loved the Epilogue, it was great to read what was happening next for the main character Olivia and her son Darcy. – Glenys, NSW, 5 stars

Josephine Moon’s The Cake Maker’s Wish is a delight! Sit back, relax. Get comfortable in your favourite chair, spot, nook. Start quietly. The characters explain themselves at the outset, well defined and true to life. Do they become boring and trite? Never! Just as they teeter on the edge of predictability, they move in unusual but normal ways. First cup of coffee and cupcake needed because there have been enough suggestions to make you want to add your own. Time is short so a quick fix will do, you must get back to reading what happens next. The Cakemaker’s Wish grabs your mind and won’t let go! What does happen? To whom? When? Two thirds of the way through you have decided to bake your own batch of cupcakes because you need to share this reading adventure with a friend, but not yet! You must finish this tale first because you are never sure that it will end well. Yes, it is a one occasion one sitting read. Absolutely fabulously enjoyable! Written well with plausible sub plots right to the finish where you find that you have put together your own cupcake recipe with a refined version of your normal coffee. Mine became ginger laced nutmeg topped demerara sugar enhanced muffins with a freshly ground ristrettos for ten. – Pam, VIC, 5 stars


Josephine Moon Shares the Inspiration Behind her Delicious New Novel, The Cake Maker’s Wish

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Josephine Moon Shares the Inspiration Behind her Delicious New Novel, The Cake Maker’s Wish

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    Try a Taster Chapter of Josephine Moon's The Cake Maker's Wish

      You'll Devour The Cake Maker’s Wish by Josephine Moon

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      You'll Devour The Cake Maker’s Wish by Josephine Moon

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        The Cake Maker's Wish
        Josephine Moon
        13 April, 2021


        An uplifting and heartwarming novel from the bestselling author of The Tea Chest. When single mum Olivia uproots her young son Darcy from their life in Tasmania for a new start in the English Cotswolds, she isn’t exactly expecting a bed of roses – but nor is she prepared for the challenges that life in the picturesque village throws her way. The Renaissance Project hopes to bring the dwindling community back to life – to welcome migrants from around the world and boost the economy – but not everyone is pleased about the initiative. For cake maker Olivia, it’s a chance for Darcy to finally meet his Norwegian father, and for her to trace the last blurry lines of her family tree. It’s also an opportunity to move on from the traumatic event that tore her loved ones apart.
        Josephine Moon
        About the author

        Josephine Moon

        Josephine Moon was born and raised in Brisbane and had a false start in Environmental Science before completing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and then a postgraduate degree in education. Twelve years and ten manuscripts later, her first novel The Tea Chest was picked up for publication and then shortlisted for an ABIA award. Her bestselling contemporary fiction is published internationally. Her books include The Tea Chest, The Chocolate PromiseThe Beekeepers SecretThree Gold Coins, The Gift of Life, The Cake Maker's Wish and The Jam Queens. In 2018, Josephine organised the ‘Authors for Farmers’ appeal, raising money to assist drought-affected farming communities. She is passionate about literacy, and is a proud sponsor of Story Dogs and The Smith Family. She now lives on acreage in the beautiful Noosa hinterland with her husband and son, and a tribe of animals that seems to increase in size each year. She wouldn't have it any other way.

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