The Time is Now, Monica Sparrow by Matt Howard: Your Preview Verdict

The Time is Now, Monica Sparrow by Matt Howard: Your Preview Verdict

Our latest Preview title is The Time is Now, Monica Sparrow, by Matt Howard. Following the lives of four isolated people, thrown together by family and circumstance, the book is a humorous and heartwarming story of second chances and new beginnings. Preview reviewers loved the book, comparing it to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine in its vast array of quirky characters, and its heartwarming depiction of the everyday occurrences and events that alter and change our lives forever. Take a look at these stellar reviews:

‘A heartwarming story, with easy to like characters and a fast moving plot…reading this book was like receiving a warm hug at the end of a long day. I fell in love with Xavier very quickly, and enjoyed reading Jamie’s character develop as the story unfolded. A satisfying ending, without tying everything up in a neat little package, I would recommend this book for fans of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.’ – Erin, QLD’

‘I really enjoyed Matt Howard’s fourth novel. His four main characters are quirky but mostly genuine and, ultimately, easy to love. Monica and Xavier are at opposite extremes on the scale of acquiring worldly possessions, with entirely different things bringing them joy; Diane and Jamie also occupy opposite ends of scales that measure assertiveness or arrogance or nastiness. Even though it’s Monica Sparrow’s book, my favourite was definitely Jamie, kind and unassuming, but with an undeniable sparkle: so wonderful to see him develop and succeed. Both Xavier’s and Monica’s extremes were shown in a light that make them more accessible to people in the middle of that spectrum. (If dequiring isn’t a word, it ought to be!) There’s lots of laugh-out-loud humour in the dialogue (some of it quite black), but I also found myself choking up a time or two. Thought-provoking but also hilarious and heart-warming, my first Matt Howard novel will certainly not be my last!’ – Marianne, NSW

‘Lovers of ‘Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine’ will also warm to this heartwarming tale. Monica and the other wonderful characters in this story evolve page after page. This novel leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.’ – Daneka, QLD

‘Delightfully written. This novel captures the essence of how we all influence each other through our interactions however small and how minor interactions can change the trajectory of our lives. The characters are written with soul, you immediately form relationships with them on their journey throughout the novel. I found myself cheering each character on as they grew and developed. Truly written with passion for the day to day nuances of life and how we are all connected. I loved this novel, which left me wanting to learn more of the characters lives.’ – Dianne, SA

‘What a wonderful read, easily one of the best books I’ve read in quite a while. I really enjoyed the characterisation. Each character was detailed, quirky and interesting. The interconnected relationships helped each character grow, and the results were great to read. The storyline itself moved well and made me want to keep reading. Definitely a story I’ll pass on to friends and family.’ – Jodie, WA

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Matt Howard
About the author

Matt Howard

Matt Howard has lived in Sydney, London, Melbourne, and Reykjavik. He has written four novels, each set in a different city. The Time is Now, Monica Sparrow is the London one. His earlier novels are Street Furniture (Wakefield Press), Taking Off (Allen & Unwin) and Ethan Grout (Pier 9).

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