Your Preview Verdict: Heiress on Fire by Kellie McCourt

Your Preview Verdict: Heiress on Fire by Kellie McCourt

After accidentally blowing up her husband, can Indigo get back on her four-inch heels? In this madcap debut, One for the Money meets Crazy Rich Asians with a little Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries thrown in.

The marriage of Aussie billion-heiress Indigo-Daisy-Violet-Amber Hasluck-Royce-Jones-Bombberg to conscientious reconstructive surgeon Dr Richard Bombberg has come to a spectacular end. In the middle of a cocktail party, Indigo set him and a mysterious redhead on fire. And then blew them and her penthouse up. All terrible accidents.

When detectives discover explosive device remains in the charred penthouse, they’re gunning for Indigo. Unless she can remain upright, stuff her dignity into her Chanel clutch and uncover the mystery redhead’s identity, she’s going to jail.

To help Indigo, her semi-retired, semi-Buddhist, supermodel mother hires Esmerelda, a recent graduate of the model mentor prison program, as Indigo’s personal assistant. Indigo and Esmerelda traverse Sydney’s upper-class underbelly picking locks, outsmarting bankers and leprechauns, beating up feared gangsters, breaking into hospitals, setting a cathedral on fire (another terrible accident), bribing a giant fireman and some other stuff.

How hard can all this be for an heiress and a felon?

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Absolutely brilliant. What a rollicking good read. I didn’t think anything could top Crazy Rich Asians but this definitely comes close! – Kirsten, WA, 5 Stars

An easy fun read full of sarcastic wit and charm, hard to believe it is a debut novel. I loved all the characters and I recommend this book to anyone who needs an entertaining escape. – Vanessa, NSW, 5 Stars

I recently received an ARC copy of Heiress on Fire by Kellie McCourt thanks to Better reading and Harlequin Australia. I’m a huge fan of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels and I found this beauty to be in a similar vain of comedy/crime. I found myself chuckling regularly throughout this fast-paced but light-hearted crime fiction. The billion heiress Indigo Daisy Violet Amber Hasluck Royce Jones Bomberg finds herself the only suspect in a murder witnessed by a whole mansion of party-goers and everyone truly believes she’s 100% guilty of a crime of passion because of jealousy. Nobody wants to know her from her former life except her mother and grandmother and street-savvy Esmerelda who’s hired as Indigo’s personal assistant. She even starts to wonder if she murdered her own husband. With lots of digging the truth slowly unfolds. It was a wonderful novel from a writer who really knows how to capture a readers attention and realises how to make people love reading. It would make a funny movie. Loved it – Janet, NSW, 5 Stars

Wow! What a wonderfully witty, fun, fantastic read. I read this book in a few days which is unusual for me but I just couldn’t put it down. What really made this book was the quirky characters including the Aussie Heiress with way too many names (Indigo) and her crazy mother Esmerelda as they go on a jaunt around Sydney to clear Indigo’s name (blowing up her husband really was an accident!). And the craziness that follows will make you laugh until you cry! Each chapter has a great title which then leads you into the next part of the story. They really do help to set the story up and are quite witty in their own right. What a great debut novel which I believe will be a great hit and read by many. I highly recommend it. A fun read for everyone. – Donna, TAS, 5 Stars

A brilliantly written book that immediately captures the reader’s attention and curiosity. Intelligently composed with endless wit that embellishes the plot in an extremely entertaining way. – Melinda, VIC, 5 Stars

Ridiculously funny and fast-paced – ‘Heiress on Fire’ held my attention from beginning to end. Familiar streets, sights and people seen through a snobby/privileged lens. My first foray into the world of the entitled rich was an eye-opener. There were side trips to brothels, motorcycle gangs, cosmetic surgery and the world of personal bankers and insurers. I found this book riveting with sneaky and enjoyable humour. An improbable story with loads of interesting detail. I had trouble stopping at the end of the chapters because the hooks encouraged me to keep reading. The ending suggests there will be more stories featuring the ditzy Indigo-Daisy-Violet-Amber Hasluck-Royce-Jones-Bomberg. Can’t wait. – Sandra, ACT, 5 Stars

Loved this book and its snappy chapter titles. Lots of laugh out loud moments. The characters are quirky and I was hooked from the first couple of pages. Indigo is hunkered down in her mother’s pool-house, wearing the same mismatched camisole and silk boxers for 4 days and drinking cheap wine. ‘Who knew a $50 bottle of wine could taste so good?’ In a few paragraphs, the reader is planted straight into a setting of wealth and privilege, which leads to many of the amusing exchanges between the characters. Loved the interaction between Indigo and Esmerelda. Add a sexy detective, ex-supermodel mother and terrifying grandmother into the mix and all are set for a fun ride in search of the truth regarding the accidental blowing up of Indigo’s husband. Particularly like the grandmother’s Chesterfield of Doom – I know a sofa just like it. I can’t wait to read more from this author and hope these characters will appear again for a little light sleuthing. I could see this as a fun movie. – Pam, QLD, 5 Stars

I loved this book from the moment I read the first chapter. Where normally an ultra-rich heroine might not engender a great deal of sympathy, the way Indigo-Daisy-Violet-Amber is portrayed – full of determination, perseverance and a good dose of naivete – pulls you firmly onto her side. Indigo struggles along, confused and bemused, through an assortment of hilarious situations. Each step of the way she is accompanied by some engaging and laughable side-kicks – from the zany Esmeralda to the eclectic Cat and the indomitable Josephine and Halle. Who knew her Bran Muffin husband was ‘man enough’ to take on the criminal underworld and (almost) win?! – Lee, ACT, 5 Stars

What can I say except OH MY GOD!!!! This book is the best thing to have happened to me so far in 2020. McCourt has provided the answer to totally destroy all of our covid reading slumps. What a ride! Her characters had me laughing out loud, shaking my head at their stupidity, thumping the chair at the brilliance and crying with relief. There were snorts, laughs, and tears. The story and characters grab you from the first page and suck you into a vortex that you do not want to leave. This should definitely be made into a movie or TV series. The light-hearted crime fiction genre is one I adore and I cannot wait to see what McCourt has in store for us next. – Mel, NSW, 5 Stars

I don’t watch the Kardashians – at home or anywhere else, but I HAVE surveyed the reality show “Yummy Mummies” when cooking dinner (because our teenage daughter was watching and I dare you not to hear some of that dialogue and not be drawn into the vortex). There’s something mesmerizing about spending ridiculous amounts of money on a child’s miniature train set and living in an opulent world fancier than a champagne bubble (probably Moet, definitely not something from a cask) Kellie McCourt’s ‘Heiress on fire’ explores a parallel universe where Indigo (insert several multi-hyphenated middle names here) Bombberg is suffering from being the main suspect in her insanely wealthy husband’s murder. There are plenty of precious diamonds that, with Indigo’s witty personal shopper, scatter light throughout this story. And as for sweetness, Indigo’s private chef is always on hand with a freshly baked tray of doughnuts to accompany the blossoming romance with the lead detective on the case. This book was a great escape from the everyday. I read it between hanging out my own clothes on the line, driving myself and my kids everywhere and cooking my family all their meals. Because I guess that’s what happens when your parents only give you ONE middle name. – Amy, NSW, 5 Stars

Loved Heiress on Fire. When reading the first chapter I wasn’t quite sure. But then it picked up. The story is fun and light drama-filled. The characters are well suited to the storyline. I found myself excited to read it and looking forward to the next book from the first time author. – Holly, NSW, 5 Stars

The characters and storyline are very quirky and I found myself chuckling at the light-hearted crime fiction. I had such fun reading this book. Highly recommend to anyone looking for an entertaining read. – Jen, VIC, 5 Stars

Loved it! Well-formed characters. Perfectly written. It was a little slow at the start but don’t give up! It doesn’t take long to get into the nitty gritty and well worth continuing. Even my hubby who doesn’t read picked it up one day out of boredom, chose a page in the middle, got hooked and had to start at the beginning lol!! If you like a little bit of suspense and a fan of ‘who done it’s then this book is for you! – Katrina, QLD, 5 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Heiress on Fire so much so that I read it in a couple of days. It was funny, entertaining and I found myself giggling often while reading it. While the main characters indulgent lifestyle is not one that I can relate to, I still found myself connecting to her on many occasions. I highly recommend this book. – Susan, NSW, 5 Stars

Heiress of Fire was such a fun read. I loved that it was based in my home city of Sydney. The characters were entertaining and the storyline flowed at a good pace. Really enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to more stories from Kellie McCourt. – Natalie, NSW, 5 Stars

A billionaire heiress with a propensity for fainting, a personal assistant with a talent for picking locks, a dead husband, a supermodel mother……and that’s only the beginning! Heiress on Fire is just what I needed to escape this world gone mad. It was funny and interesting enough to keep me up way too late to find out who done it, (and there was Versace dinnerware, Louboutin’s and personal pastry chefs!) Enjoyable escapism is what you will get with this book, and its well worth the read. Sit back, grab a croissant, pour a cuppa in that fine china and forget all about quarantines and elections. – Tess, TAS, 5 Stars

This book has been compared to One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. That is a huge promise which, thankfully, was kept. It is hard to find new authors who live up to the hype but I read this fantastic and funny mystery in a couple of days. The family members are as important here as in the Plum novels and as entertaining as well. Especially her mother. And it is always great to read a book set in Sydney. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the next instalment. – Sandra, NSW, 5 Stars

I loved this book! It was easy reading, and the storyline was really enjoyable. Kellie McCourt has created unique vibrant characters that kept me hooked. Whilst each character is different, they complement each other and interact to create an entertaining read. I do hope McCourt writes another book that includes these wonderful characters. This book has been compared to ‘One for the Money’, and I can happily confirm that if you like the Stephanie Plum series, then this book is for you. It was fun to read a fictional story based in current-day Sydney, and the recognisable landmarks and celebrities mentioned throughout were a novelty. I highly recommend this book. – Sarah, NSW, 5 Stars

What a great read!! Funny, engaging – I couldn’t put it down! A great light-hearted read – perfect for the summer holidays. The characters are great and believable – and a bonus that it’s set in Australia! – Eliza, QLD, 5 Stars

Thank you for the opportunity to read Heiress On Fire by Kellie McCourt. The book sounded like it would be action-packed and have the element of mystery – and did not disappoint for me. Indigo-Daisy-Violet-Amber-Hasluck-Royce-Jones-Bombberg is an Australian heiress who has been out with too many bad boys and marries Dr Richard Bombberg, a reconstructive surgeon and has a quieter life. That is, until the night she sets him and a mystery party guest on fire, and there is an explosion. As detectives investigate, Indigo is their prime suspect. Her mother hires Esmerelda (an ex-prisoner) to be her personal assistant. This turns into a search for the truth which takes them in unexpected places and meeting unusual people. Throughout it all Indigo remains fashionable and deals well with her family. I enjoyed this book even more than I thought, all the twists and turns, and laughs, along the way. The characters were mainly likeable and I enjoyed the journey to a life far removed from mine. – Tara, SA, 5 Stars

Thank you Better Reading for an advanced copy of Heiress On Fire by Kellie McCourt for my honest review. This is a debut??? What the hell! How is this hilarious, perfectly written, sarcastic, fast-paced novel the first book from this author?? Billion-heiress (insert 7 names) Blombberg has accidentally blown up her husband, destroyed her penthouse and is now living in her famous ex-model, semi-Buddhist mother’s pool house trying to avoid being arrested by the hottest detective in town. Now throw in a street savvy, taser holding, model punching ex-con, “ personal shopper”, a whole bunch of sex workers, a gangster in witness protection and a saucy brother-in-law and you have just a few of the characters in this hilarious, sharp, designer shoe of a murder mystery, that is filled with so many laugh out loud moments & wtf moments that made it so hard to put down & get anything else done! Move over Janet Evanavich because Author Kellie McCourt is going to give you a run for your money! I’m just sorry for you all that this book isn’t released until January 21 and you will have to wait until then. – Penne, NSW, 5 Stars

A fun confection of a book. What’s not to love about a cast of characters from heiresses to bikies and sex workers to dodgy plastic surgeons? An improbable string of events, lots of shoes and handbags, some great dialogue and a glimpse into how the other half (well, the other .05%) live. The plot is clever, the action farcical, the settings fabulous – a Sydney I can only imagine. I’m looking forward to a sequel – Indigo, Esmerelda, Mother and Grandmother need to return. How else will we be able to peek once more into the world of Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Rolex and Champagne? Where the loss of your favourite Chanel handbag is so much harder to bear than the death by explosion of your husband! – Victoria, NSW, 4 Stars

Heiress On Fire was an entertaining read with plenty of twists and turns. Indigo lives a sheltered existence in high society a d her foray into the real world with some shady characters was funny. It would be a great beach read – Julie, NSW, 4 Stars

Written by Sydney based author, Kellie McCourt, “Heiress on Fire” made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions. Written in a similar style to the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, this novel features humorous, well-developed characters that you cannot help but like instantly. “Heiress on Fire” is the story of Indigo Bombberg, rich Sydney heiress who has recently become widowed after her plastic surgeon husband, Richard, is blown up at a cocktail party held at their Sydney penthouse. In the days following his death, Indigo and her new personal assistant, the entertaining Esmeralda, set out to investigate the circumstances leading up to the “accident” in a bid to clear Indigo’s name. Along the way they meet a myriad of crazy characters and get into all sorts of hilarious, sticky situations. This fast-paced and extremely funny novel is a welcome relief at the end of a busy day. It will appeal to those looking for an easy read and would be especially enjoyable to read while travelling or on holidays. I was thoroughly entertained by this debut novel and look forward to reading more about Indigo Bombberg and her quirky sidekicks. – Mary-Jo, VIC, 4 Stars

Indigo plus one too many hyphen names Bombberg accidentally sets fire to her penthouse. Killing her husband and a lady unknown to her. On a mission to clear her name, she and her newly found personal shopper Esmeralda break into buildings, disguise themselves so they can gain access to a brothel, beats up gangsters and accidentally sets off another fire at her husbands funeral in a cathedral. Indigo is a sophisticated billionaire who becomes known as the Heiress on Fire. An heiress that was literally and is figuratively on fire. Throughout the book you do see a different side to her, to get out of any nerve-racking situations she finds herself in she vomits and faints in that particular order. And she happily welcomes in an ex-con to be her personal assistant. Although the other characters are quite different from Indigo they blend in well with her surrounds and highlights her personality, such as a famous ex-model mother and a domineering grandmother set a high standard for Indigo to live up to. Overall I really enjoyed the book, I would say Indigo reminds me of a mix between of Bridget Jones and Stephanie Plum (One for the money). Also, I will add I did find the book slightly hard to get into because of the use of the “luxurious high-end language” but it really just sets Indigos lifestyle. A well-rounded book and I’m highly looking forward to the sequel. – Cassie, NSW, 4 Stars

Fans of Janet Evanovitch rejoice, there’s a new girl in town. Indigo-Daisy-Violet-Amber Hasluck-Royce-Jones-Bomberg (yes really) is Stephanie Plum with a drinking problem and a billion-dollar bank account, not to mention one very dead plastic surgeon husband who she may have inadvertently blown up along with her penthouse. With her newly acquired Silverwater graduate personal assistant Esmerelda in tow, Indie must try to prove she didn’t set out to kill her husband resulting in a series of madcap adventures where of course mayhem ensues. A great light and breezy summer read, can’t wait for the sequel! – Juanita, NSW, 4 Stars

This was a light and entertaining book which had me in stitches throughout. Very witty, sarcastic take on how the other half live and super easy to read… perfect for the holidays on the beach with a cheeky cocktail. – Justine, NSW, 4 Stars

A romping read!! Witty writing with entertaining characters, taking you on an adventure of two women with an unlikely partnership to solve a scandalous mystery. It’s so funny you will keep turning the pages. – Neelima, NSW, 4 Stars

Fast-paced witty, murder mystery with a difference. The characters are fun and bounce off each other well making a great speedy read taking you from the cream of the eastern suburbs to the underbelly gangs. – Kristen, NSW, 4 Stars

Thank you to Better Reading for an advanced copy of Heiress on Fire. Heiress on Fire was a wild ride from start to finish – highly entertaining and funny. The plot had just the right amount of twists and turns, with intriguing characters who all had their own quirks. The writing was engaging and face-paced, and even better that it was set in Sydney. Overall, it was a pleasure to read this fun debut, and I can’t wait to read more by Kellie McCourt! – Brooke, NSW, 4 Stars

This is the laugh-out-loud book the world needs at this moment in time. A collection of fabulously written characters and impossible situations combine to create a book you will want to keep reading. Australian heiress Indigo Daisy Violet Amber Hasluck-Royce-Jones-Bombberg is convinced she killed her husband when she accidentally set their penthouse on fire. Her husband Richard was Indigo’s “bran muffin”—bland but reliable. But as she finds out, he was so much more than just Australia’s leading plastic surgeon. To help her get over the tragedy of her husband’s death and the police investigation into her being a possible murderer, her mother appoints ex-prisoner Esmeralda to be her daughter’s “personal shopper”. Esmerelda’s street smarts and Indigo’s knowledge of designer shoes and handbags lead them on their own investigation to uncover the truth about the penthouse fire. The mystery has the pair questioning if the real criminals are the brothels and the outlaw motorcycle gangs, or the bankers and insurance companies. This isn’t a gripping who-done-it mystery, but there are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end. It will also leave you questioning if we ever really know the people we are closest to. – Catherine, QLD, 4 Stars

Heiress On Fire by Kellie McCourt. Thank you Better Reading for my uncorrected advanced reading copy, in exchange for an unbiased review. An enjoyable first novel with a wonderfully Aussie feel. I look forward to more stories from Ms McCourt, maybe even with these characters, although I do hope that if Esmerelda returns she will stop calling everyone ‘dude’, as I found that to be a little grating. Overall, fun, easy to read and most enjoyable. – Tracey, VIC, 4 Stars

Wow, this is my “surprise” book of 2020. I was surprised because it’s the author’s debut novel and it was just such a great, fun, quirky read. For some reason, I thought it was going to be tacky, but it wasn’t. It was hilarious in parts and turned into a bit of a murder/mystery. The chapters had snappy little titles and were a good length as well. There were some very interesting characters like the surfie/geisha/doberman, Esmeralda who is supposed to be a personal shopper but is a whole lot more. There is the Zen, ex-supermodel mother, the Happy meal addicted heiress, a sexy brother in law, a drop-dead sexy cop and a cryptic insurance agent. Break-ins, a brothel and an encounter with a muffin-topped “yeti” in a cool room which had me laughing out loud makes for a great fun read, which is a good thing in 2020. Set in Australia and there’s plenty of designer shoes, clothes, expensive cars, food and wine that the super-rich seem to take for granted. There was never a dull moment and the story moves along at a good pace so I was never bored. My only gripe was the ending was a little disappointing as it seemed to be cut short. – Tracy, WA, 4 Stars

I’ll be honest – within the first chapter I was seriously questioning whether this was a book I could enjoy. At first, I wondered if I could relate to this heiress world. But, in no time at all, I was hooked. A wild storyline, crazy characters and witty writing had me saying “just one more page” and reading until the bathwater turned cold. I loved the element of mystery and was kept guessing (and giggling) until the end! – Nicole, NSW, 4 Stars

I received an advance copy of this book to read and review. Aussie billionaire-heiress Indigo Daisy Violet Amber Hasluck-Royce-Jones-Bombberg learnt early in life that exquisite men caused unwanted hurt and drama, so she married her bran muffin-boring and predictable husband to assure a life of stability. After his tragic death when Indigo accidentally blew up their penthouse home, she finds out Richard Jones-Bombberg was a lot more than just the miniature train-loving, plastic surgeon she had believed him to be. Bomb fragments found at the penthouse lead police to believe Indigo is responsible for his and a mysterious blonde’s murder. I thoroughly enjoyed accompanying Indigo, personal shopper Esmeralda, Indigo’s mother supermodel Cat, and eccentric grandmother and matriarch of the Hasluck-Royces on a journey to uncover the truth. A truly entertaining book from start to finish, looking forward to the next Heiress on Fire novel. Great for fans of Helen Fielding, Marian Keyes et. al. – Joanna, VIC, 4 Stars

Fainting, Happy Meals and luxury labels – that about sums up Heiress on Fire. It seems like so much happened in this book. I must admit, Indigo grated me at first – she seemed spoiled, silly and completely out of touch. I don’t know exactly when it was this feeling changed – perhaps between breaking into a massage parlour, her belief that her poor husband was a bran muffin or standing up to her husband’s personal assistant. Indigo grew on me and so did this book. This was a fast-paced book where a lot seems to happen, I had to re-read a few sections because it happened so quick my brain didn’t commute. I loved Indigo’s mother and would have loved to hear more of Indigo’s background but the snippets we got seemed perfect. The real star of this book? Esmerelda for sure. She’s perfect as Indigo’s right-hand woman and was the perfect ‘real world’ perspective you need to connect to. A great book! – Rochelle, VIC, 3 Stars

A funny light read perfect for Summer Holidays. Along with the murder mystery, crazy over-indulged heroine, in the world of Co-vid I also got to travel vicariously through her world. – Lisa, NSW, 3 Stars

The story took a couple of chapters to get in to, then it got interesting and I really wanted to learn more about Richard, best of all I didn’t guess who the killer was at all. – Janice, NSW, 3 Stars

This novel is packed with “name” dropping of socialites and accessories. It’s difficult to place this novel into a straightforward genre. It contains comedy and also a murder mystery. Indigo-Daisy-Violet-Amber Hasluck-Royce-Jones-Bombberg , is the billion heiress to the Hasluck-Royce fortune. Indigo, (”Indie” to her friends), is hosting a high society party in her recently completed penthouse of her eight-story Sydney Double Bay building. The party is for her husband, renowned reconstructive and plastic surgeon. It was intended as a “small” cocktail party for two new plastic surgeons. In the middle of the cocktail party, not wanting to give away the story, a fire occurred which set her husband and a mysterious redhead on fire, followed by a huge explosion, which killed them both. Later, investigations detected evidence of an arson attack. Guests fled the building, including Indigo whose gown had caught on fire. The latter was all captured on video and posted online – hence the title “Heiress on Fire“ Indigo now has to prove her innocence !! – Edith, SA, 3 Stars

“If it wasn’t for Covid-19” is a phrase we hear a lot this year, particularly in Victoria. It was a phrase that came to mind reading “Heiress on fire”, a tale of a poor little rich girl whose world is turned upside down after her penthouse burns down. Now I have been a poor little girl but never a poor little rich girl, but I have always enjoyed reading about them. Until now. Maybe it is because many people have lost jobs, family, homes or have been forced into lockdown or maybe it is just Rebecca Judd, I don’t know. Indigo wakes up in her mother’s pool house and tries to piece her life back together after her penthouse explodes in flames. With the help of her “personal assistant” ex-jailbird Esmeralda, she starts unravelling exactly what happened in the explosion and her late husband’s mysterious past. This is a great story that I immediately saw projected on a tv screen with perhaps younger versions of Kat Stewart and Asher Keddie in the lead roles. This is usually indicative of an enjoyable sojourn into escapism for me. Unfortunately, this time I just did not feel it. – Katrina, VIC, 2 Stars

In all, Heiress on Fire has a good storyline. Many interesting twists but all the excitement and thrill of the story was lost in the way it was presented on paper. Heiress on Fire was definitely a different book to what I would normally read. Was the writer trying to make the characters sound uppercrust? If so it didn’t work for me. It felt like the writer was degrading society, she portrayed the characters more as bogans in their way of speech. There were too many famous name droppings. Far too many adjectives in a sentence then needed. Was this to add to the writer’s word count just to make the book have more pages? Found it hard to read in places. It reminded me of things written in the old teenage idol magazines. Written for the lower sociological mentality. – Julie, VIC, 2 Stars

Thank you Better Reading for this ARC. I only apply for books that I think I’d enjoy. The blurb for this sounded fun and exciting and could’ve been compared to a Sophie Kinsella book. The storyline was refreshing and unique and I really looked forward to reading it. This book hooks you from the first page or 2 and I love that, however, my enjoyment waned very quickly. I found the book repetitive to the point where I’m rolling my eyes at every fashion house name drop. I have pictured Esmeralda’s phone to be the size of a small TV seeing it was mentioned at least 3 times in 100 pages, the first time was funny but the 3rd was too much. A lot of dialogue, unnecessary dialogue actually and then followed up with the protagonist thoughts on every conversation, as a reader I’d like to be able to think for myself what they are feeling. For what could’ve been a great story, I found it lacked substance and humour. I stopped at around page 150. Whilst this is my personal opinion, I trust that others may find it enjoyable. The great thing about books and authors is they’re not a one size fits all and as readers, we all have different genres and writing preference. – Donna, NSW, 2 Stars

Heiress On Fire by Kellie McCourt was very hard going to read. Right from the early chapters, I found the plot hard to swallow and the introduction of Esmerelda’s character was unbelievable. A newly met ex-prisoner being brought into private family business meetings where financial matters were discussed, was ridiculous to accept. The life of these entitled snobby people made for a novel that was not enjoyable. Although the story developed into a murder mystery, I felt I had wasted many hours reading this. – Shelley, NSW, 1 Star


Take a Sneak Peek at Heiress on Fire by Kellie McCourt

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12 January 2021

Take a Sneak Peek at Heiress on Fire by Kellie McCourt

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    Heiress on Fire is a Madcap Debut from Kellie McCourt: Read our Review Here

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      Find out what Inspired Kellie McCourt's Hilarious Debut, Heiress on Fire

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        Heiress On Fire
        Kellie McCourt
        HQ Fiction
        06 January, 2021


        The marriage of Aussie billion-heiress Indigo-Daisy-Violet-Amber Hasluck-Royce-Jones-Bombberg to conscientious reconstructive surgeon Dr Richard Bombberg has come to a spectacular end. In the middle of a cocktail party, Indigo set him and a mysterious redhead on fire. And then blew them and her penthouse up. All terrible accidents. When detectives discover explosive device remains in the charred penthouse, they're gunning for Indigo. Unless she can remain upright, stuff her dignity into her Chanel clutch and uncover the mystery redhead's identity, she's going to jail. To help Indigo, her semi-retired, semi-Buddhist, supermodel mother hires Esmerelda, a recent graduate of the model mentor prison program, as Indigo's personal assistant. Indigo and Esmerelda traverse Sydney's upper-class underbelly picking locks, outsmarting bankers and leprechauns, beating up feared gangsters, breaking into hospitals, setting a cathedral on fire (another terrible accident), bribing a giant fireman and some other stuff. How hard can all this be for an heiress and a felon?
        Kellie McCourt
        About the author

        Kellie McCourt

        Kellie McCourt has worked as a national and international television anchor, scriptwriter, producer and reporter. Kellie is also an experienced print journalist and magazine editor.She has a double BA in Journalism and Creative Writing from Curtin University, studied journalism in SE Asia and completed a postgrad scholarship program at UNSW. Alas, her mother is still waiting for her to 'get a real job', like a lawyer. Or an accountant.Kellie had a misspent youth as a wayward socialite, and loves shoes, friends, reading, shoes and baked goods.Kellie is passionate about creating entertaining, gender empowering stories. She lives in Sydney with her two amazing young daughters, and two poodles.

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