Read an Extract of Paul Dalgarno’s Searing Debut, Poly

Read an Extract of Paul Dalgarno’s Searing Debut, Poly

The house was quiet in the way it only ever was when the kids were staying elsewhere. I glanced at the ceiling, the bedsheets, plumped my pillow, let my head fall. A drawing of a fallow deer stood out from all the other school artwork on the wall. Its sausage body, its oblong head, its blank expression. One shot – bang – and it would gallop away, dragging its crayon hoofs.

I looked at my phone, no new texts. The last was from Sarah, at 1.27 am:

So high, feeling over the rainbow, kissed a French guy, dancing now, love you, spunky xxx

It was 9.15 am. Anything could have happened between then and now. I hoped it had. Something. We’d been gearing up to it for so long. Years of coochie-coo baby-raising and no sex. Years of rejection and disappointment. Years.


I’d gone from shop to shop in Melbourne’s CBD looking for a gift for Sarah’s fortieth: a teapot, some cups. But not just any teapot, not just any cups: rustic, handmade, aesthetically pleasing, robust and entirely functional cups, no two the same but still clearly from the same kiln.

After a few false starts and a flurry of back-and-forth texts with my new friend-of-a-friend, Zac, I found a ceramics specialist down some steep stairs. Each item was marked with the name of the artisan, each price tag sobering. Fuck. Just for a cup?

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Paul Dalgarno Answers 8 Quick Questions about his Hilarious Debut, Poly

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8 September 2020

Paul Dalgarno Answers 8 Quick Questions about his Hilarious Debut, Poly

    Poly by Paul Dalgarno is a Hilarious, Witty and Engrossing Debut

    Review | Our Review

    7 September 2020

    Poly by Paul Dalgarno is a Hilarious, Witty and Engrossing Debut

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        Publisher details

        Paul Dalgarno
        Ventura Press


        Chris Flood – a married father of two with plummeting self-esteem and questionable guitar skills – suddenly finds himself in the depths of polyamory after years of a near-sexless marriage. His wife, Sarah – a lover of the arts, avid quoter of Rumi, and always oozing confidence – wants to rediscover her sexuality after years of deadening domesticity.Their new life of polyamory features late nights, love affairs and rotating childcare duties. While Sarah enjoys flings with handsome men, Chris, much to his astonishment, falls for a polydactylous actor and musician, Biddy.Then there’s Zac Batista. When Chris and Sarah welcome the Uruguayan child prodigy and successful twenty-two-year-old into their lives they gratefully hand over school pick-up and babysitting duties. But as tensions grow between family and lovers, Chris begins to wonder if it’s just jealousy, or something more sinister brewing…A searing and utterly engrossing debut, Poly is a raw, hilarious, and moving portrait of contemporary relationships in all their diversity, and an intimate exploration of the fragility of love and identity.
        Paul Dalgarno
        About the author

        Paul Dalgarno

        Paul Dalgarno was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, and immigrated to Australia in 2010. In Scotland, he was a senior features writer, columnist and Deputy Weekend Features Editor with The Herald and Sunday Herald newspapers. In Melbourne, he was a launch editor, Deputy Editor, Arts Editor and Science Editor of The Conversation website. Paul has written for many Australian publications including Guardian Australia, Australian Book Review, Sunday Times Scotland and The Big Issue. His memoir, And You May Find Yourself, was published in 2015 (Sleepers Publishing). In 2016, he was awarded a Varuna Residential Fellowship to work on his second book. When not writing, reading or parenting, Paul loves to cycle vast distances. Poly is his debut novel.

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