The Bluffs by Kyle Perry: Your Preview Verdict

The Bluffs by Kyle Perry: Your Preview Verdict

When a school group of teenage girls go missing in the remote wilderness of Tasmania’s Great Western Tiers, the people of Limestone Creek are immediately on alert. What happened up there on the bluffs? Somebody knows… unless the local legends are true…

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The Bluffs by  debut writer Kyle Perry is a page-turner thriller. Based in Tasmania – Australia.  Without giving too much away, the story is based on 4 missing schoolgirls, who are on a camping trip with school. I could not put it down as I needed to know how it ended . The book is captivating and I cannot wait for Kyle’s next book. – Karen, NSW, 5 stars

The Bluffs by Kyle Perry is a creepily atmospheric slow burn thriller.  There are many twists and turns, character back stories are explained.  I had to keep a list of the many characters: Eliza, Carmen, Jack, Mr Michaels, Butch, Murphy, Jasmine, Cierra, Bree, Georgia, Karl, Tom, Denni, Monica plus many law enforcement Doble, Coops, Badenhaust, Pakinga, Cahil not to mention them all.  The writing is so brilliant you get chills reading about the icy cold Tasmanian wilderness and can imagine what the girls endured.  Bit like Picnic at Hanging Rock crossed with Jane Harper’s Force of Nature. This book is very now as it captures the impact and pressure social media has on people.  Would make a blockbuster Australian made and based movie! – Penny, NSW, 5 stars

Kyle Perry drags you right into the heart of the story; right into the horrifying event that leads to the disappearance of four girls, a teacher attacked and the ‘hungry man’ legend revived. Perry’s debut novel twists both murder, legend and thriller into one novel and entwines them so perfectly that you’ll never guess what’s around the next page. Perry envelops the reader into the sanctity of a small Tasmanian town that houses drug dealers, a legendary monster, corrupt police officers and social media crazed teenagers by placing them into one tiny box and breaking it open, displaying every secret in fragmented clues throughout the book. It also hooks you in by giving the reader an inside perspective into the main characters lives, with each headlining different chapters and allowing the reader to connect to each character personally. This novel ultimately keeps you reading late into the night, unable to close the book, unless the hungry man should arrive and take you away.  – Charlotte, NSW, 5 stars

I couldn’t put it down! The Bluffs was thrilling and suspenseful, and each chapter left me wanting more. I feel like I got to know the 3 main characters in an honest way and I was committed to their individual journeys and struggles. I also loved how the Australian landscape was described – I could almost smell the flora and i could picture the trees, the rocks, the native animals. Expertly written. Definitely my type of genre and I loved that the puzzle came together slowly, and the twists and turns kept me hooked. Would absolutely recommend this book to my friends. – Ammie, NSW, 5 stars

Eliza is face down on the gravel in the Tasmanian wilderness confused and scared. Something has happened and there is a suggestion that it may be beyond normal experience. The reader is hooked from the start. Kyle Perry brings the power and dangerous beauty of the Great Western Tiers to life. He clearly knows this region using specific detail that puts the reader into the remote wilderness. Characters are well crafted with Murphy the anti hero drug dealer, Con the traumatized detective and his side kick, the sensible and courageous Gabriella. Is Madison, the manipulative teen social media starlet, the problem or the solution and how can Eliza reconcile her own trauma?  Limestone Creek has plenty of small town secrets and larger than life characters and events that test the moral fibre of the residents. With a plot that keeps the reader guessing and realistic dialogue that brings this story to life “The Bluffs” is a standout in the current batch of Australian crime novels – Russell, VIC, 5 stars

Once I started I could not stop reading. This debut is for lovers of Candice Fox and Jane Harper. The premise is simple – four girls go missing on a school hike. But the unfolding story takes you through a revolving door of mysteries, suspects and motives that has you not quite sure who is telling the truth or is lying, and why. The imposing cliffs and forest present a chilling backdrop and feed the fears of the country townsfolk and the doubts of the police. Kyle Perry had me hooked from the first page. – Kirsten, WA, 5 stars

Amazing read.  Hooked right from the first word.  Amazing how the history of a part of Tasmania has been interwoven into this story.  Could not put it down.  Follow the story of four schoolgirls who go missing and how superstition plays a major role in the story.  The thoughts and actions of young people is integrated into this story so well, and how social media plays an important role in one person’s life.  What will young people do to gain rank in social media these days???    A great side to the story is the love between a father and daughter.  But it was sad to read of how drugs are such an important part of some people’s lives these days.      Amazing story line from a first-time author.  Hopefully Kyle Perry writes more books!!!!! – Glenice, VIC, 5 stars

Thank you Better Reading for the opportunity to read The Bluffs by Kyle Perry. For me this IS the book of the year!! I’d be very surprised if this wasn’t made into a movie!! I could NOT put it down!! With lovable, flawed and complicated characters this was a Stella read!! A story of a group of teenage girls that go missing in the Tasmania wilderness. The race is on to find them.  Many years ago another group of teenages disappeared and were never found. Will they be found this time? Is The Hungry Man to blame or someone else out to hurt the girls? With lots of twists and turns this book didn’t disappoint!! I can’t wait for Kyle’s next book!!  – Judy, NSW, 5 stars

This book had me at the edge of the Bluff the entire time! Kyle has that Tim Winton vibe as he creates incredible Australian visuals throughout this novel but keeps you on your toes like a classic King novel. This book will take you on a journey that is relatable to all readers as he perfectly captures the angst of teenagers and adults and the limits they will both go to, to be seen and heard and to be found in all sense of the word.   What I loved most about this book is how quickly you build rapport with the characters, only to question who and what you know. The story kept me obsessed with just enough twists and turns to have me second guessing myself and the characters until the very end. The story wraps up perfectly with the suggestion of more to come and I will wait impatiently for the sequel! An absolute must read for 2020. – Mercury, NSW, 5 stars

The Bluffs  by Kyle Perry  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️    This debut novel is a corker! Billed as Australian Crime, it is so much more.    Welcome to Limestone Creek, Tasmania. Population? Not very many. Hence everyone’s story is interwoven. The book’s two central characters are Murphy and his teenaged daughter, Jasmine, who disappears (along with three other girls) into the mountain trees of the Great Western Tiers.    Unravelling this mystery makes for compelling reading. The cast is fascinating and the pace hectic. The author’s recreation of the Tassie bush is haunting and authentic. The storyline is fluid and slippery, reflecting that life is indeed complicated.    I loved this book, found it unputdownable and believe it warrants a genre all of its own: Tasmanian Noir. – Karen, VIC, 5 stars

The Bluffs by Kyle Perry is a captivating thriller that keeps you wondering until the last few pages. Perry describes the rugged but beautiful highlands of Tasmania in such a way that you can almost smell the damp eucalyptus in the air and feel the snow swirling around you. You are taken on a journey through this enchanting but dangerous land with characters who are truly believable. You become entangled in different characters lives as you learn their strengths, their flaws and their secrets. You can’t help but grow with them as their lives are lived out so vividly on the pages in front of you.   Caught somewhere between the page turning quality of James Patterson and the supernatural themes and ideas of Dean Koontz, The Bluffs is a debut novel to be proud of and I for one can’t wait to see what Kyle Perry produces in the future.  – Jeremy, WA, 5 stars

This book captivated me from the very beginning. Growing up and living in Tasmania, I know The Great Western Tiers well so this helped add to the excitement of the book. The characters were all relatable and were able to be imagined by the reader. The author has gone to great lengths to keep the reader hooked – Melissa, TAS, 5 stars

The Bluffs, a great debut novel from Australian author, Kyle Perry, is set in the Great Western Tiers in northern Tasmania. The mountains have a foreboding reputation especially since the separate disappearance of five girls thirty years previously.   Added to this tension is the legend of the Hungry Man said to haunt the mountains.     When Detective Con Badenhorst arrives in the area to oversee the search for four teenage girls missing on a school hiking excursion, it soon becomes obvious that something more sinister has occurred.    This book is more than just a crime novel. As the plot unfolds Limestone Creek is clearly a community of secrets complicated by small town politics and police corruption. Additionally, social media appears to be affecting the lives of young people and the town as a whole. The demons faced by many of the characters plus the dark presence of the surrounding mountains affect attempts to solve the mystery of the missing girls.    A multitude of twists and turns keep the reader in the dark until the end making this novel a great addition to the excellent expanding genre of Aussie Noir. – Vicki, VIC, 5 stars

I loved this debut novel by Kyle Perry ‘ The Bluffs’. I couldn’t put it down, it grabbed me from the first page. Set in the  Tasmanian bush and mountains, the setting is almost another character and there are plenty of characters to love and hate here as well as  plenty of interesting twists and turns, mystery and plenty of suspense.  It had me guessing until the very end. Surprisingly, there were some current issues inter played with the unfolding mystery.  I really enjoyed this book and look forward to his next novel. – Sally, NSW, 5 stars

This was a great first novel by Kyle Perry. He writes with passion for the area he and his family grew up in. I loved the twists and turns throughout the story and found it hard to put down. The characters are very real and as they deal with life situations, the emotional pull was very real. – Karen, NSW, 5 stars

The Bluffs  by Kyle Perry is amazing. Where to start with this book without giving too much away isn’t easy. The story is about 4 missing schoolgirls Jasmine, Cierra, Georgia & Bree. They go missing while on a camping trip in Tasmania & there teacher, Eliza Ellis, was the last to see them before being attacked. With the mystery of “the hungry man” from years before about the area & what’s happened now is a page turner for what really happened. Told from 3 points of view Eliza Ellis, Jordan Murphy, Jasmine father & Detective Con Badenhorst who is in charge of the investigation. The story telling from the 3 characters bring the story together. The bluffs will keep you guessing to the end & even after you think you know what has happened the last page will change all that. Thank you so much to better reading for an advance copy. This was truly an amazing read. Highly recommend it for a nice cold winters day to add to the atmosphere of the book. – Terry, NSW, 5 stars

In Kyle Perry’s gripping debut novel a group of school girls go on a school camp in the Great Western Tiers in Limestone Creek, Tasmania and four girls go missing. Is it the Hungry Man from the past?    You never know who has your back in Perry’s incredible debut is unpredictable, compelling and an ‘edge of your seat’ novel.    Very cleverly written, with lots of plot twists and turns, Perry’s novel is a brilliant fast paced mystery-thriller that keeps you guessing right until the very end. – Arrisarne, VIC, 5 stars

‘The Bluffs’ is a thrilling mystery, sweeping the reader along in a current of excellent storytelling as you long to have your questions answered.    The descriptions of the beautiful but treacherous Tasmanian wilderness transport you there with ease and realism. You can almost smell the native trees, hear the local bird-calls, and feel the harsh and quickly changing Tasmanian weather beat against you.    Character portrayals are well thought out and make you believe you are really in the midst of teenagers, or drug dealers, or police desperate to solve a challenging case.     The story pulls you in and makes you eager to learn all you can; condemning your assumed antagonists and cheering on your champions.    The book is a thrilling ride, with a gloriously surprising conclusion. I was sucked in from the moment I began reading, with the Hungry Man poem filling my head during the few times I put the book down for a break. – Melanie, TAS, 5 stars

Kyle Perry’s debut thriller novel, The Bluffs set in Tasmania will have you guessing what happened to the missing teenage girls until the very last page. I have never read a book that leads you to so many different suspects. Such fantastic suspense!!! – Jessica, QLD, 5 stars

This debut novel by Kyle Perry which is based in the Tasmanian wilderness, is full of unexpected twists and turns! I did not want to put this book down as I needed to know how it ended. Although fiction, Perry draws his inspiration from real-life events and issues that many in society face today. Because of this, the characters were easy to relate to. As a Tasmanian, I loved reading about the state that I grew up in and having been to a lot of the places mentioned in the book, I felt a real connection to the story-line. If you’re a lover of suspense and mystery novels, I definitely recommend this book! – Monique, QLD, 5 stars


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              Publisher details

              The Bluffs
              Kyle Perry
              Australian Fiction
              02 July, 2020


              When a school group of teenage girls goes missing in the remote wilderness of Tasmania’s Great Western Tiers, the people of Limestone Creek are immediately on alert. Three decades ago, five young girls disappeared in the area of those dangerous bluffs, and the legend of ‘the Hungry Man’ still haunts locals to this day. Now, authorities can determine that the teacher, Eliza Ellis, was knocked unconscious, so someone on the mountain was up to foul play. Jordan Murphy, the local dealer and father of missing student Jasmine, instantly becomes the prime suspect. But Detective Con Badenhorst knows that in a town this size – with corrupt cops, small-town politics, and a teenage YouTube sensation – everyone is hiding something, and bluffing is second nature. When a body is found, mauled, at the bottom of a cliff, suspicion turns to a wild animal – but that can’t explain why she was discovered barefoot, her shoes at the top of the cliff, laces neatly tied.
              Kyle Perry
              About the author

              Kyle Perry

              Kyle Perry is a drug and alcohol counsellor based in Hobart, Tasmania. He has grown up around the Tasmanian bush and seas, with the landscape a key feature of his writing and his spare time. He loves the sea, and his entire leg is covered in ocean tattoos. His debut novel, The Bluffs, has been translated into five languages. It was shortlisted for the Dymocks Book of the Year and the Indie’s Debut Fiction Book of the Year, and was longlisted for the Australian Book Industry Awards’ General Fiction Book of the Year.

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