The Single Most Important Thing We Can Teach Our Kids: Review of 7 Steps to Get Your Child Reading by Louise Park

The Single Most Important Thing We Can Teach Our Kids: Review of 7 Steps to Get Your Child Reading by Louise Park

We all know that literacy is the single most important thing we can teach our children and now more than ever there are great challenges when it comes to helping our children master reading.

Generation Alpha is the first generation to grow up with devices in their hands, so this is new territory for parents when it comes to thinking about the best way to futureproof their reading success.

However, help is at hand! Louise Park, is a leading Australian educational consultant, teacher and best-selling author and has spent decades helping children learn how to read and her new book 7 Steps to Get Your Child Reading is an absolute gift – the perfect reference for parents who not only want to pass on a love of reading to their child but one of the most essential life skills.

The book takes you through the 7 steps below:

  1. Talking their way to literacy
  2. Reading their way to literacy
  3. Linking writing and reading
  4. Taming the tech and making it count
  5. Harnessing the power of book ownership
  6. Embracing two reading philosophies
  7. Finding just-right books for any age

Filled with interesting facts about reading that will dispel myths and get you thinking about the most effective way to help your child with their reading, you will find yourself referring to this book time and again.

Within the steps, Louise goes through the science of how our brains master the skill of reading – it doesn’t come naturally! How talking to babies and young children and playing games that will help get them reading ready are an important head start.

There are tips for reading with different age groups along with things to avoid, an exploration of digital and electronic vs paper, the importance of a good pencil grip and making sure kids are writing.

Each chapter focuses on one of the seven steps and is filled with facts and practical info and there is a quick glance summary at the end of each to take away.

There is just so much more packed into these 200+ pages – I would highly recommend getting your hands on one to take a look for yourself. Many parents will be interested in the chapter ‘Taming the tech and making it count’ where Louise looks at the good and the bad and how you can ensure a balance. Most importantly how you can make sure that literacy time is not compromised by screen time!

You’ll also be please to know that the more books you give to your child the better – the perfect excuse for another trip to the bookshop and library.


Louise Park also has a website that is packed with resources so jump on here and take a look.


Generation Alpha: Take a Look Inside 7 Steps to Get Your Child Reading by Louise Park

Review | Extract

11 February 2020

Generation Alpha: Take a Look Inside 7 Steps to Get Your Child Reading by Louise Park

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Publisher details

7 Steps to Get Your Child Reading
Louise Park
Allen & Unwin
Non Fiction
01 February, 2020


A timely reference for parents and teachers who want to see their children reading for the love of it, by an acknowledged expert in the field.

Generation Alpha is the swiper, pincher, tapper cohort, the first to grow up with devices in their hands. They are breaking new ground as a result of technological advances, while you, their parents, are having to navigate these uncharted waters. Literacy is the single most important thing we can teach kids. If they can read, all other learning will follow. Learn how to futureproof your child's literacy in a rapidly changing world, and give them the best chance of success. Louise Park has spent decades watching children working away at this reading thing. As a teacher, children's author and leading educational consultant, she knows better than anyone how the goalposts have shifted over time. The road to literacy has never been smooth, but now there is the added challenge of digital distractions. Louise will show you how to make the most of both digital and traditional forms of reading, as well as setting out commonsense plans for making a reader of your child.Based on scientific research and presented in a friendly, accessible style for time-poor parents, the seven simple steps will lead your Generation Alpha child to an irreplaceable love of reading.'Simple, practical and inspiring - what a treasure! This book contains all you need to know in order to help children to become enthusiastic, proficient and joyful readers.' - Andy Griffiths'This awesome book should be in every community, library, school and home. A triumph.' - Gabbie Stroud'An essential book for every parent - the pages are filled with all the tools and understanding you need to get your child reading.' - Matt Stanton'Bold, assured and waffle free ... warm and non-judgemental. This book inspired me to make some simple, positive changes to our home routines.' - Lucinda Gifford
Louise Park
About the author

Louise Park

Louise Park is an acknowledged literacy expert and widely published author for children, and has been involved in education and publishing for over 30 years. As an education consultant, she scopes, reviews and assesses education content, and is also an active ambassador for Indigenous children, English as a second language students, and children at risk. She has written over 250 books for children aged 2-12, and is regularly invited to speak at education conferences, reading symposiums and literature festivals. She is in schools on a regular basis as an author and educator working with staff, parents and students. As one half of the Mac Park writing duo, Louise co-authored Allen & Unwin's successful D-Bot Squad series of early readers. Today, she continues to combine her knowledge of English, literacy and reading acquisition with children's publishing.

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