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Men Who Inspire: Review High Five to the Boys

August 13, 2018

‘Inside this book you will find men from Australia’s past and present – but they’re all taking us towards a better future.’

Following on from Shout Out to the Girls, High Five to the Boys is an unequivocally positive book that celebrates the boys. Not only telling the stories of a wide range of Australian men who have made significant achievements in their field, but at the same time raising funds for The Smith Family, Australia’s leading children’s education charity.

Amazing Australians that you’ll discover inside High Five to the Boys are Adam Goodes (AFL player and charity founder), Akira Isogawa (fashion designer), Harry Seidler (architect), Waleed Aly (social commentator), Victor Chang (cardiac and heart transplant surgeon), Ben Quilty (artist) and so many more. The calibre of men included really does live up to the tag line ‘a celebration of ace Australian men.’

The colourful and vibrant illustrations are contributed by a number of male artists and offer a dazzling variety of styles that inspire energy and positivity.

Each entry is a page long, so great for dipping in and out of with no pressure for little ones to read all 200+ pages. All entries end with an intention to take away with you – for Tim Flannery ‘Tim you’re proof that if we’re curious, adventurous and passionate, we can be anything we want to be. We want to keep learning and discovering every day, just like you,’ which is a nice touch encouraging thought and action.

A great book to read together but if tackling it alone then High Five to the Boys suits 10+ readers, it would also serve as handy reference book or starting point for school assignments. A great addition to the growing collection of books about inspirational role models, this is a must for boys and girls who are curious about these outstanding, fellow Australians.

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High Five to the Boys was written by the Penguin Random House Team after requests from readers of Shout Out to the Girls to publish a book about their male counterparts.


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