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Tempting Reluctant Readers: Read an extract from Charlie Changes into a Chicken by Sam Copeland

February 8, 2019


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Charles McGuffin, the lovable hero of Charlie Changes into a Chicken is nine years old. Despite trying to see the bright side of life, he can’t help worrying and things are not about to get an easier!

The first time ‘it’ happens, Charlie is worried about his sick brother and his mum and dad arguing and then before he knows what’s happening there is twitching in his eye, and he feels like somebody has just plugged him into a wall socket – every part of his body fizzes and hums. When hair starts to sprout out if his skin, the room gets a lot bigger and he finds himself with eight legs, he is really worried.

The big question is: why did he change into a spider and will it happen again?

Understandably, his mum finds it impossible to believe that Charlie temporarily turned into a spider but his friends Moshan, Wogan and Flora are on board and set out on a quest to find out what the story is. However, they need to act quickly as Charlie is in the school play in a few weeks time and what happens if he turns into a spider then?

Everything goes back to normal until Mr Wind starts to get angry at the class and the someone throws a paper aeroplane at Charlie’s head and then the fizzing and whizzing start up again, but this time when he flees from the room, he’s covered in feathers…

When Charlie’s friends start to doubt him, who can he turn to? And will he ever find out why he keeps turning into animals and most importantly what is he going to turn into next?

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Sam Copeland is from Manchester and now lives in London with two smelly cats, three smelly children and one relatively clean-smelling wife. He works as a chicken whisperer, travelling the world using his unique gift to tame wild chickens. Charlie Changes Into a Chicken is his first book. He has threatened to write more. He is also a literary agent and director at Rogers, Coleridge and White.


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