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Marilynne Robinson
Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction Winner, Fiction
01 January, 2008


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    Hundreds of thousands of readers were enthralled and delighted by the luminous, tender voice of John Ames in Gilead, Marilynne Robinson's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. Now comes Home, a deeply affecting novel that takes place in the same period and same Iowa town.This is Jack's story. Jack - prodigal son of the Boughton family, godson and namesake of John Ames, gone twenty years - has come home looking for refuge and to try to make peace with a past littered with trouble and pain. A bad boy from childhood, an alcoholic who cannot hold down a job, Jack is perpetually at odds with his surroundings and with his traditionalist father, though he remains Boughton's most beloved child.His sister Glory has also returned to Gilead, fleeing her own mistakes, to care for their dying father. Brilliant, loveable, wayward, Jack forges an intense new bond with Glory and engages painfully with his father and his father's old friend John Ames.Winner of the 2009 Orange Prize For Fiction. "Remarkable . . . an even stronger accomplishment than Gilead."  Claire Messud,The New York Review of Books"An exquisite, often ruefully funny meditation on redemption."  Megan O'Grady,Vogue"An anguished pastoral, a tableau of decency and compassion that is also an angry and devastating indictment of moral cowardice and unrepentant, unacknowledged sin. . . . . Beautiful."  A. O. Scott, The New York Times Book Review"Rich and resonant . . . Gilead and Home fit with and around each other perfectly, each complete on its own, yet enriching and enlivening the other. But both are books of such beauty and power."  Emily Barton, Los Angeles Times"Marilynne Robinson is so powerful a writer that she can reshape how we read."  Mark Athitakis, Chicago Sun-Times"Home begins simply, eschewing obvious verbal fineness, and slowly grows in luxury--its last fifty pages are magnificently moving. . . . Powerful."  James Wood, The New Yorker"When Marilynne Robinson writes a new book, it’s an event."  Pat MacEnulty,Charlotte Observer
    Marilynne Robinson
    About the author

    Marilynne Robinson

    Marilynne Robinson was born in 1947. Her first novel, Housekeeping (1981) received the PEN/Hemingway award for best first novel as well as being nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Gilead won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Home won the Orange Prize for Fiction. 

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