Classy Classics: Better Reading Top 100

Classy Classics: Better Reading Top 100

There’s a reason these books are on nearly every “must read” book list in the world: the classics.

Who doesn’t love a good classic? For some, these are what got them into reading in the first place. For others, they were discovered later in life, long after the tortured memories of reading them in school had faded. Now, titles like To Kill A MockingbirdPride and Prejudice, and Dracula have nearly become required reading.

Excitingly, when you voted for the Top 100 in 2017, it wasn’t just eighteenth and nineteenth century texts – you nominated a whole host of modern classics, or books that we at Better Reading are convinced will become classics. Catch-22, 1984, and The Great Gatsby represent the 20th century on the list, and there are some 2000s favourites on the list, too.

Any classics you think were missed? Let us know!


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