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July Book Club: Books to Keep You Talking

What’s next for your book club? Here are four books out in July that will make compelling book club choices:

The Hand That Feeds You by A.J. Rich

If your book club enjoys thrillers then this is great choice, and even the origin of this novel has an intriguing backstory that will appeal to book clubbers – two previously established authors have collaborated on a novel left unfinished by their best friend who died of cancer. Their friend’s surname became their pen name and the result is a suspenseful and disturbing thriller.

Read this New York Times article about the fascinating story behind The Hand That Feeds You.


The Other Side of the World by Stephanie Bishop

Beautifully written novels don’t always make the best book club choices – but this is certainly not the case with The Other Side of the World, which is both stunningly beautiful and full of things to talk about. As the main character struggles with motherhood and marriage, her reactions to the strains of parenting are often unexpected and this book has plenty of potential for interesting debate.

Find reading group questions for this novel here.


In the Quiet by Eliza Henry Jones

A debut novel from another Australian author, In the Quiet is told from the perspective of Cate, a woman who has died. This poignant novel unfolds as Cate watches her husband and three children come to terms with life without her.

Read Eliza Henry Jones’ essay on grief, loss and Australian fiction here.


The Following Girls by Louise Levene

Did any of your book club grow up in the 1970s? Then this might be the one for you. It’s a funny, satirical, sometimes painful, look at being a teenager without a mother growing up in this decade.

Click here to read the Telegraph UK review of The Following Girls.


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