New Reading Horizons

New Reading Horizons

Last month, Better Reading revealed the Top 100 favourite books of 2018 as voted by you. The list was incredibly diverse, showcasing an eclectic mix of classic books, modern fiction, and even more recent debut fiction. This assorted mix of Top 100 books is not only a great reading guide that offers some inspiration, but is also a valuable insight into reading trends across Australia.

One of these trends is the rise of female Australian voices.

Female writers have of course always existed, and we are very fortunate to have a rich literary history of talented female authors, both classic and modern. It cannot be denied however, that for a very long time, men have reigned in the world of literature and publishing, largely due to the fact that many gatekeepers of the industry – namely publishers and reviewers – were men. Times have changed however, and we are now seeing way more women in the publishing world, and, in turn, in the books on the top ten list.

What’s even more remarkable about this trend is that many of the female voices topping the charts are debut, meaning that Australian readers are not only investing more in female voices, but are also extending their reading horizons, and experimenting with new writers instead of simply sticking to those they already know and love.

Check out all the female Australian debut titles that made this year’s Top 100 list, here:


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